This page contains various documents that DRAMA Mails out or uses to describe itself. Feel free to print them out. Most files are in “PDF” format and require an acrobat reader or a similar program to open. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded for free at . This list will be continually updated.

International Documents:

Scotland Mission Trip Application

Summer Documents:

Camp Signup Form – (2014)

General Documents:

Absence Request Form

DRAMA’s Commitment Document

ACTION and DRAMA’s standards for relationships

Event Location Information

Outreach Information

Follow-up and Discipleship

Session Documents:

RELEASE-OF-LIABILITY-2016-17<—- Don’t forget these!

Pastor’s Letter

Spring 2017 Session Letter

Spring 2017 General Application

SpringĀ 2017 General ApplicationĀ - online version!

Spring 2017 Helper Application

Spring 2017 Alternate Application

SpringĀ 2017 Alternate Application - online version!


Redemption Theatre is no longer running; it has been merged with the local ministry Piercing Word (