ImageWhat can we do for you?

Street Outreach
DRAMAministry is always willing to take to the streets and spread the Gospel. If your local youth group or Sunday School class would like to host us, we would love to set up in your area and present the Gospel through mime. As people gather to watch the mimes, groups from your church are in an ideal situation to speak one-on-one with them and hand out Gospel literature. This is a great way to reach the lost because we bring the people to you.

Church Events
Does your church have events that could use a Gospel presentation? Rather than spend your time gathering up your own team and training them, let us cover that aspect for you. We can tailor our presentation to just about any time slot or stage size. You spend your time organizing the rest of the event and just let us know what you need. Let us help you minister by tapping our talents and resources to compliment your work. God has blessed us with the time for practice and capacity to give a professional presentation. We are eager to aid your church to the best of our ability.
Maybe you’ve read about us and what we do and feel there should be something like what we do in your area. Do you know of a few teens who are committed to Christ and would benefit from being in a team like ours? Pray about it. We would be willing to come and give your teens a workshop designed to teach them some of the mime routines we use as well as give you tips and contacts for starting your own team. Or, maybe you would like to have your church’s youth learn a few numbers to use in your church or in their own outreaches. Whatever the case, we do not see training others in our art as competition but rather as furthering the work of the Gospel.

To book DRAMAministry for an event, contact us by e-mail:
or call Jewel Sensenig @ (717) 392-6431.