ImageInterested in Joining DRAMAministry?

A note from Tim:

Because DRAMA is focused on discipleship, it is difficult to layout a list of qualifications for membership. As I have read through the New Testament and pondered how Jesus took a rag-tag band of 12 men and turned them into the leaders of His church, I cannot help but notice that He did not require a high standard of conduct before calling them. Rather than demanding perfection of them before allowing them to become His chosen men, Jesus simply called them to take a step of commitment. He called each of them to follow. This required them to give up some things. They could not move forward in the way they had previously, but they were welcome to come from every background imaginable… some were fishermen, another a tax collector and still another was a member of a militant group. Though far from perfection, these men were committed to following Christ.

With that commitment, He molded them into the men they were meant to be. And when it was all finished they were forever marked by His impact: “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus” ~ Acts 4:13.

DRAMAministry will take any member who is willing to make the required commitment. Over the past few years we have come to understand what kind of commitment we need in order to ensure we can accomplish our goals of discipleship. That commitment is outlined in our Commitment Document which all members must agree to before joining. If you would like to join our ministry, start by reading over that document. A copy is available online at:

After reading over that and submitting the issue to prayer, those interested in joining should contact me (Tim King) at or (717) 951-2518. We will need to set up a meeting to speak face-to-face (largely to answer any questions you may still have remaining). Whether you are called to participate directly in this ministry or not, please hold us up to the Throne of Grace from whence comes our strength and to hence goes all the glory.

By Grace,
Timothy King
Director of Ministries