It takes a lot of people to make a ministry run. Sure, God could run the whole thing Himself or through anyone or anything He so chooses – but that’s not how He has ordained to accomplish His plans here on earth. God works through communities of people who intentionally submit themselves to the Lordship of His Son.  These are the folks God is using to make this ministry possible:

Full-Time Staff

Timothy King


Timothy King – Director of Ministries



Tim’s financial support is handled through Make Believers International. If you’d like to give toward his personal budget and help him continue serving God here in DRAMA Ministry, click here.


Phil and Hannah Weaver – Director of Ministries

If you would like to give financially to Phil and Hannah as they serve God in DRAMA Ministry click on the donate tab below.




Alex and Becky High – Team Directors- Alpha




22384406_10212665834313304_269331148396887080_o  Michael and Alisha Austin – Team Directors- Beta

 Joseph Queen Staff Pic.Joseph Queen – Team Director – Alpha


DRAMA is blessed to be in a season with several Director units. This frees Tim and Phil up to invest in the rest of the leadership team and allows for a sharing of responsibilities among many capable hands. We thank God for His provision.

 Volunteer Staff



 Jewel Sensenig – Outreach Coordinator



 Team Leadership



Alex and Becky High – Directors



Joseph Queen Staff Pic.


Joseph Queen – Director



50428885_422136974992550_7722707272471674880_o     Courtney Weaver – Leader



12238146_510051255840352_6293247056858241962_o   Adrian Weaver – Leader




22384406_10212665834313304_269331148396887080_o      Michael and Alisha Austin – Directors

Emily Weaver Staff Pic.


Emily Weaver – Assistant Director



Scotty Douglass Staff Pic.


Scott Douglass – Leader



52165129_2239916199661109_1770258744861523968_n (1)   Emily Sensenig – Leader

Sprouts Leadership:

Timothy King 

 Timothy King – Director



Hannah Landis Staff Pic.


Hannah Landes – Assistant Director



52165129_2239916199661109_1770258744861523968_n (1)     Emily Sensenig – Leader

Redemption Theatre:

Discontinued- Redemption Theatre merged into another local ministry, Piercing Word (