Alpha Announcements 4/4/16

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Hey Alpha, this is your events remainder and your announcement for this week!! :)

-The DRAMA banquet is tomorrow night. At Weaver Markets banquet facility (not Yoder’s!!) Here’s the address if you need it: 2610 North Reading Rd, Denver, PA 17517.  We need to be there by 5:00pm. ARRIVE in your grey shirts, black pants, shoes, and socks, you can change after we practice if you want but you don’t have to. Girls have your hair pulled back. We are presenting “Glorious Day”.  You don’t have to memorize a song list but just don’t forget what song we’re presenting!! :)

See yous tomorrow night!!



Fall 2016 Session Letter

- Next outreach Wednesday March 30th at Lititz Area Mennonite School. We’re meeting at the school at 8:00am and we’ll be finished by 9:30am. Also we will be wearing face paint.

– April 7th is the DRAMA banquet. You need to R. S. V. P. by the 25th. If you haven’t already find someone to sponsor your testimony & email it to Mrs. Gerlach at

-Potential (not poetical :)) outreach at Akron Mt. Zion Untied Methodist Church Saturday May 14th 2:00pm-4:00pm. You should have let Becky know if you can go.

See yous Monday!! :)


Alpha Applications 12/11/15 The Last of the Session! :(

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Alex- Thanking God everyday for the spirit interceding for him!

Becky- Use her driving time to pray!

Amy- Pray everyday with thankfulness that she doesn’t need to fight on her own!

Hannah- Put a note in her Bible that says “God is in control”!

Courtney- Pray instead of watching movies!

Adrian- Not here!

Mic- Pray in stressful times!

Liana- Put a note in her Bible that reminds her to thank God that he’s fighting her battles! (Way to long!!) :)

Alexis- Put a note on back of bed room door that says “God’s fighting with you”!

Briana- Put a note on her medicine bottle that says “God’s fighting with me”!

Gideon- Put notes around his house that say “He’s fighting behind me; I’m not alone”!

Alyssa- Put sharpie on her arm and a note in the bathroom!

These are the last applications so finish well and work extra hard!!!

Through Christ,


Alpha Applications 11/28/15

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Alex- Praying everyday to keep his focus on God!

Becky- Tell Amy two things that she’s thankful for everyday!

Amy- Do devotions everyday/ pray/ tell Becky two things she’s thankful for everyday!

Hannah- Making the Lord’s prayer her own everyday!

Courtney- Start prayer with thankfulness!

Adrian- Have his mind set on the spirit not his own mind!

Mic- Not here!

Liana- Pray for better thought life throughout the day!

Alexis- Remembering that we will still suffer even though we are saved!

Briana- Trying to be thankful everyday for at least one thing!

Gideon- Reevaluate his attachment to his earthly possessions!

Alyssa- Write on her arm “I’m not of the flesh” everyday!

Yous have an extra week so work hard! And pray for my memory! jk

Through Christ!



Alpha Applications 11/18/15

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Alex- Spend a half hour every day doing devotions!

Becky- Pray daily for God to change her instead of trying to change herself!

Amy- Be selfless and focus on others not herself!

Hannah- Spend time alone in prayer! (Yeah! Your back!)

Courtney- Praying throughout the day for true surrender!

Adrian- Not here!

Mic- Being open and honest!

Liana- Asking God for humility as I interact with people!

Alexis- Pray when I’m alone!

Briana- Pray when she’s alone!

Gideon- Pray when He’s alone! (Yeah! Your back, BTW I may or may not have had stomach pain yesterday!) ;)

Alyssa- Spend a half hour every day praying and doing devotions! (I guess I’m glad your back!) ;)

You’s still got time!! keep working!!

Through Christ!



Alpha Applications 11/11/15

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Alex- Ask himself this week if he’s bearing fruit for God!

Becky- Pray that the Lord will give her the desire to share the gospel!

Amy- Do devotions and pray not out of obligation!

Hannah- In Scotland!

Courtney- Praying that God will help her surrender her thought life to him!

Adrian- Finding good things in his mistakes!

Mic- Finding good things in his mistakes!

Liana- Pray everyday for right heart attitude and willingness to serve God!

Alexis- Work on deepening my relationship with Christ!

Briana- Do devotions and pray not out of obligation!

Gideon- In Scotland!

Alyssa- In Scotland!

Brooke- Using her failures as a reminder of God’s grace!

Keeping working on these!! Cya’s on Sunday!! :)

Though Christ!


Alpha Applications 11/6/15

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Alex-Praying every morning that he will walk in obedience to God!

Becky- Praying that God will use her at work!

Amy- Not complaining and staying positive!

Hannah- In Scotland!

Courtney- Praying throughout the day for true repentance and that God would give her fruit in her life!

Adrian- Work on showing others that he’s a christian through his actions!

Mic- Wisdom throughout the day in Acts and words!

Liana- Pray that she will be on encouragement to people!

Alexis- Realizing that you can’t serve Christ and keep sinning!

Gideon- In Scotland!

Alyssa- In Scotland!

Keep on working! Can’t wait for Monday!!

In Christ!!





Alpha Applications 10/26/15

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Alex- Praying everyday that Christ will help him flee from sin and turn to God!

Becky- spend time everyday in prayer thanking God for his grace!

Amy- Pray that she would be dead to sin; pray more!

Hannah- Making God the authority in her relationship with her mom! Tell her mom what she’s up to during Scotland!

Courtney- Pray everyday for God to take control!

Adrian- Being more dead to sin with help from God!

Mic- Ask God for help when needed instead of trying to handle it on his own!

Liana- Give herself to God through prayer everyday!

Alexis- Realizing that I can’t continue sinning even though God can use it for his glory!

Brianna- Prayer in situations of temptation!

Gideon- Stop and pray when ever struggling with wrong thoughts!

Alyssa- Pray for protection and conviction for sin throughout the day!

Aaron- Having a good attitude with a stressful schedule!

Work hard on these and do it for Christ!

Through Christ!



Alpha Applications 10/21/15

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Alex- Remind himself visually of the contrast between God’s grace and his sin!

Becky- Learn to cling to God’s grace in thankfulness!

Amy- Thank God for forgiveness every day during devotions!

Hannah- Spend specific time in prayer excepting God’s graces!

Courtney- Every day remember where she stands with God!

Adrian- Look at God’s grace more!

Mic- Remember God’s grace is constant!

Liana- Realizing God’s grace and thanking him for it!

Alexis- Realizing God’s grace is more than my sin. Not severing God as an obligation!

Briana- Give grace to herself where it’s needed!

Gideon- Read bible more so he can realize what God has done for him!

Alyssa- Pray for true conviction!

Tim- Build in times of reflection on the cross!

Keep working on these!!

For Christ