Alpha outreach 3/17/19

March 17th team Alpha had an outreach at Red Run Mennonite Church. We had the pleasure of presenting six times along with wearing face paint. Directors Alex and Joseph also spoke explaining the gospel and what it is to us. After the outreach Red Run Mennonite Church invited the team to stay for lunch and fellowship.

God’s Clearview ministries

On September 28th, team Alpha was able to partner with Carlos and Migdalia, the directors/ founders of God’s Clearview ministries.

For this outreach we were able to use a different set of skills, and bless Carlos and Migdalia by helping them with various work projects around their home and the home of their ministry.  The three of the biggest projects we did were:

•Carrying and stacking firewood inside for the winter.


•Harvesting the remaining produce from the garden. As well as clearing it and preparing it to be planted over with grass.


• Switching out some of the summer clothes with winter clothes in the blessing shop (a place where family that are struggling financially can find free clothes).


We aslo did a few other random jobs here and there.

We are thankful for the opportunity this outreach gave us to grow closer as a team through working together, conversations, and laughs. And we pray that God will receive the glory for what was accomplished.

Through Christ,

Alexis Weaver

Kingdom Kidz Puppet Ministry

On October 20th-21rst DRAMA ministry’s team alpha had the opportunity to partner with Kingdom Kidz Puppet Ministry.  Kingdom kidz is an evangelism oriented ministry and they accomplish that through puppets. It was founded by Donna Bridge in December of 2000 in Milton, PA (where they are still located).

We arrived there and, because we were slightly late, we went on stage almost immediately and presented several mimes. Afterwards they provided us with supper and hosted us overnight  there as well.

The next morning we presented a few more mimes for several of the kingdom kidz staff and also did a mime workshop with them. During the workshop we taught them some technique and one of our one man mimes.

Saturday afternoon we went to a local Apple Butter Festival. There we had the really awesome opportunity to present along side kingdom kidz.

During the weekend we spent there one thing that really encouraged and grew me was the amazing unity we had with the staff at kingdom kidz. Even though DRAMA and Kingdom Kidz  have to completely different ministries we both have Christ as our main focus and that’s all we need to be unified.

This opportunity we had to partner with kingdom kidz was an amazing experience for Alpha. And we hope that this new relationship between these two ministries will continue.

To God be the glory!

Through Christ,

Alexis Weaver



God’s Clear View Ministry

On Saturday, September 30th DRAMA’s team Alpha went to God’s Clear View Ministries.  This outreach was an all day work day and God blessed us with a nice day for it.

We meet around 6:30am and headed out.

When we arrived Carlos and Migdalia (the directors of the ministry) took us on a short tour of the building and showed us some recent renovations as well as some rooms that still need a lot of work but have come a long way since they acquired the building.     2 

After the tour we split up into groups to accomplish the work they had for us to do. Three of us were inside changing out summer clothes with winter clothes in the Blessing Shop ( a place where people can get free clothes), washing down the trim, and mopping.

3       18               19                    20

The rest of us were working outside mulching, cleaning up some trash and siding, planting flowers, and filling a hole in the blacktop with gravel.

    59       6  4  7   15   10  14   16

Migdalia made an amazing lunch for us and they also provided breakfast food and drink us.

13   12   11

We had a really great day and were thankful for the opportunity we had to serve Carlos and Migdalia.

To God be the Glory!


Here is Kayla & Tarren’s address: 906 Hamilton Road Cochranville, PA 19330. So look it up and figure out how far it is from your house and then let me know by Tuesday if you are willing to drive that far (or if your parents are ok with you driving that far).

Thanks!! 🙂


Sketchy Melons’ Prayer Requests 8/29/15

Hey, Sketchy Melons 😉

Here are the prayer requests/ praises from our last practice!

Alex: -Pray that he will follow through with his application.

-Patience on getting his house done.

Amy: -That she will be able to adjust to changes in life easily.

+ Outreach went well.

Alexis: -Church campout this weekend; safety.

-Openness with youth group.

Mama Bexs: -Has been having pretty bad, pretty frequent, Headaches this past month.

Courtney: -Adjusting to full time a work.

-Busy last week.

-Making sure to get devotions done in the mist of a busy schedule.

Gideon: +Communication with his Dad going well.

-Pray for him as he explains to his parents his reasons for wanting to go to Christ House.

Joseph: + Was able to get a car.

-Is going to be preaching at Christ House possibly this Sunday; Wisdom.

Kelton & Keturah: Didn’t share anything so just pray for life in general.

Liana: + Praise Alexis and her avoided an accident.

-Is going to be a worship leader for her youth group; pray for commitment.

– Pray for everyone starting school.


I would like to know what days work for yous for a social by this coming Tuesday. Also I need to know if you guys would be willing to drive to Kayla & Tarren Smoker’s house for a barn party. The most I know about where they live is that they had roughly a 45 minute drive to training camp and I’m told that it’s pretty far away. So let me know your answer to that on Tuesday as well. Keep praying for your team!

Through Christ,






Alpha Announcements 5/16/16

Hey Alphains, this is most likely the last announcement of the session 🙁 so try not to cry and read VERY, VERY slowly(reading punctuation will help) and cherish every moment it. 🙂

– The End of Session Party is this TUESDAY, May 24th at the Hursh’s house. Make sure to thank them!! Be there by 5:00pm and we’ll be finished by 9:30pm. DO NOT FORGET THE FOOD YOU SIGN UP FOR!!! Or you will receive the wrath of our amazing Mama Bexs! (if you don’t remember what you signed up for ask Mama Bexs). The Hursh’s address is: 1860 Agape Ct. East Earl, PA 17519.

See yous TUESDAY!!


You have now come to the end of our very last announcement; Cry!! 🙂

Alpha Announcements 5/9/16

Hey Alphains,

– The End of Session Party will be a the Hursh’s house. Be there by 5:00pm and we’ll be finished by 9:30pm. Make sure to thank the Mr. and Mrs. Hursh for hosting us. Their address is: 1860 Agape Ct. East Earl, PA 17519.

See yous Monday!! 🙂


Alpha Announcements 5/2/16

Hey Alphians,

Don’t forget that practice IS NOT at Terre Hill. It will be at Becky’s house and we are having supper there so arrive promptly a 6:00pm sharp and DON’T eat before you come. Her address is: 438 Staver Road Reinholds, PA 17569.

See yous then!! 🙂


Alpha Announcements 4/11/16

Hey Alphians here’s the announcements for this week:

-Our next outreach is the Honeybrook youth center. We should be getting more details this coming Monday. But for now here’s what we know; We are presenting “Pieces” and we will most likely won’t be wearing face paint. So be preparing yourself for an intense outreach that will most likely stretch you out of your comfort zone.

-Alpha social this coming Wednesday April 20th. It will be for supper at Adrian’s house. He will let us know if we need to bring anything.

-Get back to Gideon about a Balpheta social.

Have a great rest of your week! 🙂