Alpha’s Outreach at Blue Ball Release Time

On May 5, 2022, Alpha had an outreach for Blue Ball school’s release time. We got to greet and welcome the kids as they entered the sanctuary which was a lot of fun. The kids were very excited and their energy could be felt even as we were performing the mimes. They listened intently to the speakers, laughed at some of the more comical mimes, and clapped and cheered enthusiastically at the end of each performance.

     Overall, everything went really well. There were some things that could have gone better but through it, we were able to show that God can display His love and goodness through imperfect people. We were able to come together as a team and build each other up. The speakers did fantastic too, presenting hard topics in an easy-to-understand manner for the kids.

     Afterward, we got to talk to the kids a little bit and walk them back to their school. Some of them enjoyed the mimes so much that they were trying to practice techniques we had used! We hope that through our miming they would have a better understanding of God’s love for them and be led to have a deepening relationship with Him.

Alpha’s Outreach at Revelations of Freedom Ministry.

Alpha had another outreach at Revelation of Freedom Ministries on April 14, 2022. Revelations of Freedom is a Christain ministry that helps men overcome addiction. Overall, the outreach went really well and the men who came enjoyed it a lot! The audience was very attentive and we got a lot of good responses. There were quite a few people there who had not been to one of our outreaches before, so that was really cool. 

All of the mimes went well and the speakers did great. Shoutout to Nate, who introduced the team and did a really great for his first time speaking! And shoutout to Makenzi; this was her first outreach and she did amazing! Everyone did amazing! 

A lot of the guys left right after we ended, so we didn’t get to chat with them, but we got to have cool conversations with the few who stayed. We got to see some card tricks and a puppet show! One guy told us he really loved how when we were up there miming, it was so much more impactful because he could tell we cared about what we were doing, and he could see our faith through our actions. 

Alpha’s Outreach at Revelations of Freedom

Thursday, December 2nd, Alpha had their last outreach for the Fall 2021 session at Revelations of Freedom! This was our second outreach ever with this ministry and they asked us to do a Christmas presentation. Elijah Bias and Bethany Zimmerman got to speak for the first time at this outreach, stretching them out of their comfort zones and letting them try something new. Everything went smoothly and all the speakers did well!

 All the men seemed to respond super well to the mimes and the messages which was awesome! We all got to talk to them afterwords which gave us an opportunity to connect with them and learn a little bit about their backgrounds. Many of them really appreciated our ministry and we got a lot of positive feedback.

After the outreach, we all went out to the New Holland Coffee company to get coffee and hang out. That was refreshing and really fun for everyone!

Alpha’s Outreach at Crossfire Ministries

On Friday, November 5th, Alpha had an outreach at Crossfire Ministries. We have been doing outreach with this ministry for a while now. At this outreach, we did nine mimes as well as had speakers in between. It lasted an hour, and we had the chance to hang out with the teens for another hour afterward. Most of us stayed after. Since we were doing this for teenagers, we got to get super personal with them and make the mimes more meaningful that way. 

Since most teenagers are still finding out what their faith means to them, growing in it, and struggling with it, this was a great opportunity to share with them where we come from, and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. The speakers did really well connecting with them. We got positive feedback throughout and after the presentation and we hope and pray that what we did will have a lasting effect on them and spark something inside of them, convincing them to change for the Lord.

Alpha’s Outreach at Freedom Thrift

On Thursday, October 7th, team Alpha did another service project outreach. This time, it was at Freedom Thrift in Blue Ball. We helped out for a little over two hours. The girls helped size and price clothing to go out in the store, and then put it out for sale. The guys sorted through donated items to decide if they could be sold or not. 

We had a fun time talking and laughing while working. The girls judged what clothing would look good on who while the guys found treasures to buy. It was a great way to help Freedom Thrift as well as have fun together and bring the team closer together. Before we left, they gave us donuts and apple cider which was so kind of them and tasted good too! 

First DRAMA Outreach of Fall 2021 Session

On Saturday, October 2nd, DRAMA had their first outreach of the session at Woodcrest Retreat. This was a cross-team outreach so members from both Alpha and Beta were there. This was also a service project outreach, which means we did not do any miming. We spent the morning splitting wood, cleaning up brush, and doing other small things to prepare for Woodcrest’s Journey to Bethlehem event which will be coming up in December. 

We got done a lot sooner than expected which was really nice. We finished at 12:00 and after eating lunch in the newly built treehouse, shared highlights and things that made us laugh. We all worked really well together, were very efficient, and had fun doing it all at the same time. Service project outreaches are a great way to promote team building, problem-solving, and learning how to work together.

Alpha outreach 3/17/19

March 17th team Alpha had an outreach at Red Run Mennonite Church. We had the pleasure of presenting six times along with wearing face paint. Directors Alex and Joseph also spoke explaining the gospel and what it is to us. After the outreach Red Run Mennonite Church invited the team to stay for lunch and fellowship.

God’s Clearview ministries

On September 28th, team Alpha was able to partner with Carlos and Migdalia, the directors/ founders of God’s Clearview ministries.

For this outreach we were able to use a different set of skills, and bless Carlos and Migdalia by helping them with various work projects around their home and the home of their ministry.  The three of the biggest projects we did were:

•Carrying and stacking firewood inside for the winter.


•Harvesting the remaining produce from the garden. As well as clearing it and preparing it to be planted over with grass.


• Switching out some of the summer clothes with winter clothes in the blessing shop (a place where family that are struggling financially can find free clothes).


We aslo did a few other random jobs here and there.

We are thankful for the opportunity this outreach gave us to grow closer as a team through working together, conversations, and laughs. And we pray that God will receive the glory for what was accomplished.

Through Christ,

Alexis Weaver

Kingdom Kidz Puppet Ministry

On October 20th-21rst DRAMA ministry’s team alpha had the opportunity to partner with Kingdom Kidz Puppet Ministry.  Kingdom kidz is an evangelism oriented ministry and they accomplish that through puppets. It was founded by Donna Bridge in December of 2000 in Milton, PA (where they are still located).

We arrived there and, because we were slightly late, we went on stage almost immediately and presented several mimes. Afterwards they provided us with supper and hosted us overnight  there as well.

The next morning we presented a few more mimes for several of the kingdom kidz staff and also did a mime workshop with them. During the workshop we taught them some technique and one of our one man mimes.

Saturday afternoon we went to a local Apple Butter Festival. There we had the really awesome opportunity to present along side kingdom kidz.

During the weekend we spent there one thing that really encouraged and grew me was the amazing unity we had with the staff at kingdom kidz. Even though DRAMA and Kingdom Kidz  have to completely different ministries we both have Christ as our main focus and that’s all we need to be unified.

This opportunity we had to partner with kingdom kidz was an amazing experience for Alpha. And we hope that this new relationship between these two ministries will continue.

To God be the glory!

Through Christ,

Alexis Weaver



God’s Clear View Ministry

On Saturday, September 30th DRAMA’s team Alpha went to God’s Clear View Ministries.  This outreach was an all day work day and God blessed us with a nice day for it.

We meet around 6:30am and headed out.

When we arrived Carlos and Migdalia (the directors of the ministry) took us on a short tour of the building and showed us some recent renovations as well as some rooms that still need a lot of work but have come a long way since they acquired the building.     2 

After the tour we split up into groups to accomplish the work they had for us to do. Three of us were inside changing out summer clothes with winter clothes in the Blessing Shop ( a place where people can get free clothes), washing down the trim, and mopping.

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The rest of us were working outside mulching, cleaning up some trash and siding, planting flowers, and filling a hole in the blacktop with gravel.

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Migdalia made an amazing lunch for us and they also provided breakfast food and drink us.

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We had a really great day and were thankful for the opportunity we had to serve Carlos and Migdalia.

To God be the Glory!