Alpha’s Outreach at Crossfire Ministries

On Friday, November 5th, Alpha had an outreach at Crossfire Ministries. We have been doing outreach with this ministry for a while now. At this outreach, we did nine mimes as well as had speakers in between. It lasted an hour, and we had the chance to hang out with the teens for another hour afterward. Most of us stayed after. Since we were doing this for teenagers, we got to get super personal with them and make the mimes more meaningful that way. 

Since most teenagers are still finding out what their faith means to them, growing in it, and struggling with it, this was a great opportunity to share with them where we come from, and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. The speakers did really well connecting with them. We got positive feedback throughout and after the presentation and we hope and pray that what we did will have a lasting effect on them and spark something inside of them, convincing them to change for the Lord.

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