Alpha’s Outreach at Revelations of Freedom

Thursday, December 2nd, Alpha had their last outreach for the Fall 2021 session at Revelations of Freedom! This was our second outreach ever with this ministry and they asked us to do a Christmas presentation. Elijah Bias and Bethany Zimmerman got to speak for the first time at this outreach, stretching them out of their comfort zones and letting them try something new. Everything went smoothly and all the speakers did well!

 All the men seemed to respond super well to the mimes and the messages which was awesome! We all got to talk to them afterwords which gave us an opportunity to connect with them and learn a little bit about their backgrounds. Many of them really appreciated our ministry and we got a lot of positive feedback.

After the outreach, we all went out to the New Holland Coffee company to get coffee and hang out. That was refreshing and really fun for everyone!

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