Hard at Work

Well friends, time is flying by all to quickly. An average day for the team looks something like this:

Breakfast at 7:45, Begin work at 8:30. The ladies do a variety of different tasks with Jeanene from sewing to preparing kits to give out at the upcoming outreach. The guys have been working with Richard. Our big task (we’ve done a lot of things already) is actually picking up on the construction project begun two years ago during our last visit. It has taken that long for them to get the permits needed to continue. Now we are beginning to tear down the last wall and make way for the next phase of construction. We work until around 2:45 each day.

At 3:00 the team heads over to train with the local drama team. After our last visit they were greatly inspired and did start-up there own team. They have a handful of songs (which they do very well!) and we are now seeking to add a few more to the list as well as some mime technique. They are eager and fun learners. It is exciting for us to see them involved in ministry already and to see the character of the members. They are off to a great start.

Each evening we eat at a different house with the youth from Children’s Vision. To say we are becoming attached would be an understatement. When the kids start heading for bed, we return to our home and have team devotions before going to bed ourselves.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be heading out to do a joint outreach with the youth we’ve been training. There should be 100-150 youth in attendance and it is not likely that many of them have heard the Gospel before. We head out at 9am after a brief, final practice with the local team. Pray for us and the message being delivered.

Below are some pictures from our trip so far.

God Bless!


  1. Praying for tomorrow. God is so faithful. Love reading updates and seeing pictures. Makes me miss Honduras. God’s continuous protection and blessings.

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