Sunday through Tuesday

Hello again!

We’ve been busy these past few days. Sunday we managed to be in three different churches, concluding with a joint commissioning service run by the ministers from four different churches (Burntisland and Kinghorn Parish Churches, Erskine Free Church and St. Serif’s Scottish Episcopal Church).  It was a beautiful picture of our unity in the Gospel of Christ as we took communion together as one body engaged in one great commission.

Monday and Tuesday saw the team venture into the Burntisland and Kinghorn primary schools to present in their assemblies and give workshops in the class times.  Approximately 250 or so newly minted mimes have been unleashed on the kingdom of Fife. Additionally,  we were able to partner with New Craigs Evangelical Church to present the message of Jesus with youth from the Kirkaldy area.

Ahead of us, we’ve still got several school presentations approaching. Shortly we’ll be into the secondary schools. Tomorrow  (Wednesday) we’ll be off to St. Andrews to train with the mime team running there.  Then it’s back to New Craigs for another group of youth.

Keep us in your prayers and enjoy the attached photos from the past few days.

For Him,


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