Delta Prayer Requests 4/18/17

Brittany: Ankle has been bothering her again

Has an interview at Cherry Crest coming up, that she wouldn’t be nervous

For the CTK outreach on Sunday

Praise! Interview at Chick-fil-A went well.

Caleb: For his work decisions

For him as he transitions into a new season of life

Connor: For his physics final

Prayer for summer

Hannah: For diligence in studying for math and physics final

That I wouldn’t be anxious about the future, specifically college

Jaybin: Praise! His week has been going well

Praise! God has been teaching him contentment

Jesse: Praise! Got his license

For his research paper

Kayla: Has an interview at Cherry Crest coming up too

Praise! Got to see her friend at Black Rock

Mrs. Gerlach: Looking for couches for a “conversation room” in their house

Praise! That their co-op’s transition to a new church went smoothly

Rachael: Has been working a lot, is really busy, and isn’t getting enough sleep, for strength and encouragement

That she would be able to balance both jobs

Praise! Work at the Creamery is going well, but prayer that she would get used to the lunch rush

Praise! Banquet came together nicely

Selena: Praise! Last speech class is Thursday

Trent: Praise! Got two tests done

For diligence in school

Praise! Banquet went well

Praise! God has been teaching him contentment

Have an awesome week, and I’ll see you at either the social or the outreach!





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