Delta Prayer Requests 4/25/17

Brittany: Ankle is still hurting

Has a job interview at Cherry Crest this week

That she would hear back from Chick-fil-A about a job

Caleb: For school

Praise! Got more hours at work

Hannah: To have a good attitude about work

Jaybin: For motivation in school

Jesse: Has poison ivy

For his surgery on Friday

For his Bible study and math test

Kayla: Neck is hurting after jumping on the trampoline

Mom (aka, Mrs. Fellenbaum): For Jesse’s surgery, as she has to go with him alone this time

Rachael: Exhausted from working so much, for energy and sustainability

A member from her old church (Kim) had cancer and passed away Monday night, for her grieving family and church

Praise! Student orientation at Cairn went well

FAFSA is being revised, and if it’s the Lord will, that she would get more financial aid

Praise! Because of the rain, had two days off from work

Selena: Has been procrastinating contacting people at LBC and Hacc about classes for next year, for motivation to do that

Prayer/Praise! Traveled to Delaware for great-uncle’s funeral, praise for safe travels but prayer for grieving relatives

Tim: Joel and Beth are moving to Oklahoma, for transition

Trent: Prayer/Praise! School is wrapping up

Have a marvelous week!


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