DRAMA in Nepal

Hello friends!

I’ve put a few posts up on Facebook, but for the rest of our friends who don’t follow along that way, it seemed like about time for an update. Plus I’ll post more description here.

Our team safely arrived in Dharan, Nepal after quite the long journey and has begun to minister to EC Nepal churches that are gathering for their national conference. It’s certainly an interesting element for us to have our “team” include the heads of the EC Church in Nepal, India, Japan and the US.

Yesterday the conference began and today we’ll possibly begin to do workshops with the youth. The presentations so far have been very well received.

Pray for us, as the group we get to train looks to be over 100 in size, so space confines and keeping the process organized with language barriers will be tricky. But what an opportunity!

Attached are some pictures. God bless!


Heads of the EC Church India, USA, Japan and Nepal.
Heads of the EC Church India, USA, Japan and Nepal.



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