March 27th 2011 at Bridgeville E.C. Church

The outreach on Sunday, March 27th at Bridgeville EC went great!  We
wore Face, but we had a hard time not talking. The bathrooms only had
one small mirror, so the girls had a challenge in putting it on and
taking it off. After performing Penalty, He’s Alive and
Glorious day for the congregation, we went with the kids downstairs
and performed Freedom, More and Two Sets.
We were invited to stay for lunch; and I got the opportunity to
talk to some people. One lady said she thought it was cool that we
were willing to go places we’d never been to before to perform. Before
we left, we had the opportunity to take some fun team pictures.

by:  Rachael Maughan

March 6th 2011 at Daniel Boone High School

During the Beta outreach on Sunday, March 6th, there were a lot of
up’s and down’s. A major down was that several of the members weren’t
feeling on top of things. After the presentation, one member got very
sick. But the up’s of it were very encouraging! The presentation went
very well, and afterwards, a lady came up to us and said “You guys had
me blubbering like an idiot!” she also said that she really wanted her
son to see us perform because she thought he could be inspired by us.
Praise God!

by: Rachael Maughan

May 7th 2009 at New Danville Mennonite School

The time and place were May 7th at New Danville Mennonite School. Jen and I had arrived early to scout out the stage where our team, team Alpha, would be presenting a few mimes for the chapel serves. Now the rest of the team was arriving and I went out to meet them and guide them to the large gym that was also used for their chapel services. We didn’t have a lot of time left before the chapel would start, so after practicing one of the four songs we would be doing we headed to the bathrooms to quickly put on our mime paint.

When we got back to the gym the kids, preschool through elementary, were already arriving. As they came in we interacted with them giving out mime balloons and a few of us played a silly game of “hide and seek”.

Then it was time to start. As on of the teachers introduced us we filed up on stage and took our positions for the first song. The presentation went by like a blur, but it went very well considering how little time we had before time to prepare (all the glory to God!). it was hot up on stage under all the bright lights and there was sweat glistening on top of our mime paint by the time we filed off stage.

As one of the teachers ended the chapel serves we all made an archway for the kids to walk through and gave out lots of high fives as they left to go to their different class rooms. Over all it was a very good outreach.