Sketchy Melons’ Prayer Requests 8/29/15

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Hey, Sketchy Melons ;)

Here are the prayer requests/ praises from our last practice!

Alex: -Pray that he will follow through with his application.

-Patience on getting his house done.

Amy: -That she will be able to adjust to changes in life easily.

+ Outreach went well.

Alexis: -Church campout this weekend; safety.

-Openness with youth group.

Mama Bexs: -Has been having pretty bad, pretty frequent, Headaches this past month.

Courtney: -Adjusting to full time a work.

-Busy last week.

-Making sure to get devotions done in the mist of a busy schedule.

Gideon: +Communication with his Dad going well.

-Pray for him as he explains to his parents his reasons for wanting to go to Christ House.

Joseph: + Was able to get a car.

-Is going to be preaching at Christ House possibly this Sunday; Wisdom.

Kelton & Keturah: Didn’t share anything so just pray for life in general.

Liana: + Praise Alexis and her avoided an accident.

-Is going to be a worship leader for her youth group; pray for commitment.

– Pray for everyone starting school.


I would like to know what days work for yous for a social by this coming Tuesday. Also I need to know if you guys would be willing to drive to Kayla & Tarren Smoker’s house for a barn party. The most I know about where they live is that they had roughly a 45 minute drive to training camp and I’m told that it’s pretty far away. So let me know your answer to that on Tuesday as well. Keep praying for your team!

Through Christ,






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