Beta Prayer Requests 3/13/18

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Emily S: eye doctor said she might have glucoma, going to another eye doctor on Friday, pray that it goes well

Alyssa: dad is having hip replaced next Tuesday; that she would be able to get her schoolwork done before her quizzing tournament in Ohio

Sarah: that she wouldn’t get any more injuries!

Naomi: a friend had organs replaced, and she just found out he passed away a month ago; sad about stopping gymnastics

Jesse: First sprouts practice (already happened Wednesday, hope it went well!)

Brittany: going with her mom and Kayla to the confidence conference this weekend; that she would recover from her cold; that she would be able to keep up her grades

Maria: busy week with schoolwork

Michael and Alisha: pray for them as their schedule is getting busier for the first time since Bethany was born, for good communication and learning to manage

Selena: for the basketball tournament she’s going to next week, safe travels there and a good time with her team, and no injuries; that she would get her paper done in time and not stress about it

Olivia: that she would finish her schoolwork before Ohio and not put it off

Scott: wisdom as he is starting to flip cars


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