Beta End of Session Prayer Time

Michael: Communication with Alisha about work and how to make it less stressful

Emily W: Wisdom in figuring out about riding lessons, volunteering at Green Meadows; Trusting God about future

Brittany: Working at Cherry Crest; Volunteering at Conestoga View; Keystone test results

Kayla: First year at Cherry Crest, a lot to take in, nervous but excited

Maria: Full weekends, not to stress; However, empty weekdays, finding stuff to do and not getting bored

Jesse: Finishing up school year; Planning 12th grade; Finding a job; Contentment for Grandparents at nursing home; decision about cross country versus DRAMA

Selena: Gap year program and fundraising; Summer schedule with family get togethers

Alyssa: Busy summer, that is would be a good time, not too fast

Emily S: Busy summer, joy, not be too tired; exchange student moving in in August; struggling with some spiritual/emotional things, for clarity

Naomi: That her trip to Wisconsin would go well; decisions about college; Decision about joining DRAMA next session

Olivia: Work go well, joy, bless others; deciding about joining DRAMA next session

Erika: Mom doing evaluations; family scheduling this summer; going to camps

Deanna: Not that busy, use time wisely

Sarah: Not busy, safety

Alisha: This weekend is their first camping trip with Bethany, that they would all sleep well; Starting business with making signs

Scott: Working, wisdom and safety

Remember to be praying for the team this summer! šŸ™‚

Beta Prayer Time 5/15/18

Alisha: Bethany is grumpy, think she’s teething; Praise! despite that Bethany has been sleeping well; prayer for travels to Virginia this weekend

Kayla: Praise! Lit test went well; prayer for the rest of her tests; Praise! Grandma is home, but prayer for her safety and smooth transition into being at home

Alyssa: details with the choir’s trip to Indonesia; parent’s are away, prayer as she’s responsible for brother

Maria: that she would keep busy this summer and not get bored; for a nursing home resident’s daughter who has cancer

Jesse: diligence in school; unity for youth group and that they would respect the leaders; Praise! family is all back home, unity

Scott: energy with his busy and long work days

Emily W: work is stressful that details would get smoothed out and that she would have energy; wisdom in summer decisions

Sarah: minor head injury, tired, strength

Selena: that she would give her knee the rest it needs to heal; decisions for fall

Emily S: brother is starting an internship

Olivia: sister is back from college, that they would have good communication and less stress from the house being so full


Beta Prayer Requests and Praises 5/8/18

Kayla: she and Brittany have Keystone tests next Monday and Wednesday; that spots would open up at the conferenceĀ so she andĀ her siblingsĀ canĀ go

Jesse: Praise! Connor is home

Alyssa: going to Chincoteague with youth group next weekend; for planting that the weather would cooperate

Brittany: working at Cherry Crest is starting soon with Kayla; safety for Nan at home after hip surgery

Naomi: continued healing for bells palsy, that she would get all feeling back; healing for boy with leukemia

Selena: healing for knee

Michael: work


Beta Prayer Time 5/1/18

Alyssa: dad is working too hard so his shoulder and hip are bothering him, that he would have time to rest

Sarah: that she would be able to focus on schoolwork and finish strong; prayer for Hannah and Connor as they take their finals, that they wouldn’t stress

Emily S: still sick, and her mom got sick too, for healing; that she would be able to figure out summer plans

Jesse: diligence in school; figuring out summer plans

Kayla: Praise! hired by Cherry Crest; for Brittany’s birthday

Brittany: that she would be able to forgive her older sister; church conference

Olivia: use time productively

Alisha: Praise! Bethany is sleeping better; Praise! Banquet went well, DRAMA earned approximately $5,000!

Selena: Praise! last class is over! prayer for SAT; gap year plans

Naomi: diagnosed with bells palsy, for healing; youth group had auction, but someone stole money from it, for their next auction to go well

Michael: work is stressful and hard, that he would learn to handle stress better

Scott: sick



Beta Prayer Requests and Praises 4/24/18

Scott: Really busy; knee has been hurting

Michael: Also really busy; hand needs to heal

Kayla: Allergies acting up, friend is taking license test Sunday to pass

Emily S: Very sick, healing and energy

Olivia: Three tests coming up this week, focus on studying, motivation, remember everything

Alisha: Praise! setting up for banquet went well; that the banquet would go well tomorrow, and not to stress out

Brittany: Be more faithful with devotions; not to stress out about school

Alyssa: Spring planting! Abby’s license test is soon

Deanna: Spring planting! Finishing up school, two more weeks of co-op; Kayla is taking a test on Thursday to get in to Thaddeus Stevens

Emily W: Leadership retreat this weekend, safety, refreshing time

Everyone: Banquet!

Naomi: to get better sleep; friend choices

Sarah: that her grandma would be content

Selena: still working on paper

Erika: has more time the rest of the week, that she would be able to catch up with school

Beta Prayer Requests and Praises 4/10/18

Alisha: Healing for Bethany’s cold, and patience for her and Michael during it, since Bethany isn’t sleeping well

Kayla: Going to brother’s school with her grandma for grandparent’s day but her grandma isn’t feeling well

Jesse: Praise! Visiting Cedarville went well; Praise! Choir concert’s went well; Pray for cold; driving down to visit Connor and bring him back for their cousin’s wedding

Michael: Has a cold

Sarah: Praise! Recovered from cold; uncle is really sick with a high fever

Emily S: Dad is really sick; Had an exchange student visit on Wednesday to see if they are going to stay with the Sensenig’s next year; prayer for her permit test; Praise! No glaucoma; prayer as she plans her party

Na: injured ankle again, that it’ll heal by our outreach; Praise! Feed My Starving Children went well; Peace in family stress

Alyssa: Her brother Andrew cut his forehead

Brittany: for her school, and she is doing cyber school again next year; work starting soon; for a good attitude at home; stomach has been bothering her

Scott: Busy schedule

Emily W: Busy week with work and stuff, for energy

Selena: Busy schedule, that she would worry and stress less

Everyone: Our upcoming outreach!




Beta Prayer Requests and Praises 4/3/18

Sarah: Has a cold; Hannah tore a muscle in her hip

Michael: Has had a cold for three weeks

Maria: Praise! Their dog had puppies; Praise! Her schoolwork is going well

Jesse: Going to visit Cedarville (his current #1 college) on Thursday; Choir concerts next Tuesday

Alyssa: Praise! Dad is recovering well; Praise! Finished potatoes and cleaning up storage

Brittany: That she would listen to her mom and that her mom would have strength to figure out her school; Praise! Parent’s got home safe; Older brother found an apartment and is moving out

Kayla: Has an interview at Cherry Crest on Thursday; Praise! Got a good grade for her biology test

Na: Her family isn’t feeling that great and they’re heading up Feed My Starving Children, that it would all come together and they would have enough volunteers; Youth group is going to Mexico this summer, that their fundraising auction would go well and that they would have a safe trip

Emily S: For peace as she waits for glaucoma test results

Scott: Going to open house at Stevens on Saturday

Everyone: Our outreach on Sunday afternoon!



Beta Prayer Requests 3/27/18

Alyssa: Praise! her dad’s hip surgery went well. Prayer that he would continue to heal quickly and not hurt himself. Praise! done with potatoes.

Deanna: Praise! First day of work went well.

Jesse and Sarah: Praise! Connor and Hannah are coming home for the weekend.

Michael: Prayer for stressful work.

Scotty: Prayer/praise work has been busy, and prayer for tests.

Kayla: Parents are going on trip Thursday-Sunday, that they would have safe travels.

Brittany: Not to be stressed out with taking care of niece. Good attitude toward people at work.

Olivia: Test in history, that she would study and remember information.

Emily S: Going to dermatologist tomorrow (Wednesday). Thursday eye doctor appointment test, praise! pretty sure no glycoma. Prayer for drivers permit test coming up.

Alisha: Not to stress out about drama banquet, to have a good attitude.

Sarah: Praise/prayer that she’s helping with Sprouts.

Naomi: That the Easter dance she is in at her church would go well. Praise! Gets to see her cousins again.

Selena: Praise! her team had a fun time at the basketball tournament. Praise! Finished paper on time despite being away last week. Prayer as she’s considering some online college classes. Prayer as she is job shadowing on Friday.

Beta Prayer Requests 3/13/18

Emily S: eye doctor said she might have glucoma, going to another eye doctor on Friday, pray that it goes well

Alyssa: dad is having hip replaced next Tuesday; that she would be able to get her schoolwork done before her quizzing tournament in Ohio

Sarah: that she wouldn’t get any more injuries!

Naomi: a friend had organs replaced, and she just found out he passed away a month ago; sad about stopping gymnastics

Jesse: First sprouts practice (already happened Wednesday, hope it went well!)

Brittany: going with her mom and Kayla to the confidence conference this weekend; that she would recover from her cold; that she would be able to keep up her grades

Maria: busy week with schoolwork

Michael and Alisha: pray for them as their schedule is getting busier for the first time since Bethany was born, for good communication and learning to manage

Selena: for the basketball tournament she’s going to next week, safe travels there and a good time with her team, and no injuries; that she would get her paper done in time and not stress about it

Olivia: that she would finish her schoolwork before Ohio and not put it off

Scott: wisdom as he is starting to flip cars