Beta Prayer Requests and Praises 4/24/18

Scott: Really busy; knee has been hurting

Michael: Also really busy; hand needs to heal

Kayla: Allergies acting up, friend is taking license test Sunday to pass

Emily S: Very sick, healing and energy

Olivia: Three tests coming up this week, focus on studying, motivation, remember everything

Alisha: Praise! setting up for banquet went well; that the banquet would go well tomorrow, and not to stress out

Brittany: Be more faithful with devotions; not to stress out about school

Alyssa: Spring planting! Abby’s license test is soon

Deanna: Spring planting! Finishing up school, two more weeks of co-op; Kayla is taking a test on Thursday to get in to Thaddeus Stevens

Emily W: Leadership retreat this weekend, safety, refreshing time

Everyone: Banquet!

Naomi: to get better sleep; friend choices

Sarah: that her grandma would be content

Selena: still working on paper

Erika: has more time the rest of the week, that she would be able to catch up with school

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