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Hello Friends!

Spread the word – it’s nearly time to have your RSVP in for DRAMA’s annual fundraising banquet.  The deadline for sign-up is April 4th. All the details are on our sign-up page here:

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This is a great event to hear about what DRAMA is all about, how God has been at work this last year and to support Christ-centered discipleship of young people in Lancaster County, nationally and even internationally. See you there!

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DRAMA in Nepal

DRAMA in Nepal

Hello friends!

I’ve put a few posts up on Facebook, but for the rest of our friends who don’t follow along that way, it seemed like about time for an update. Plus I’ll post more description here.

Our team safely arrived in Dharan, Nepal after quite the long journey and has begun to minister to EC Nepal churches that are gathering for their national conference. It’s certainly an interesting element for us to have our “team” include the heads of the EC Church in Nepal, India, Japan and the US.

Yesterday the conference began and today we’ll possibly begin to do workshops with the youth. The presentations so far have been very well received.

Pray for us, as the group we get to train looks to be over 100 in size, so space confines and keeping the process organized with language barriers will be tricky. But what an opportunity!

Attached are some pictures. God bless!


Heads of the EC Church India, USA, Japan and Nepal.
Heads of the EC Church India, USA, Japan and Nepal.



DRAMA to Nepal

Nepal 2017

Nepal Baptism

Hello Friends!

DRAMA has the opportunity to send a few of it’s leadership to Nepal next month from November 4-14. We’ll be partnering with The Evangelical Congregational Church of Nepal to share in their Annual Conference and help launch a Youth Track where we can equip and train youth from the national churches to use mime for evangelism and also encourage them in discipleship. I (Tim) and six of my leaders make up the team. We’ve already been support raising and a majority of the funds have come in, but we’re not quite there yet. If you’d be willing to give toward this effort, it’d make a difference. There is a button below that you can use, or you can simply mail us a check made out to DRAMA Ministry with a note saying it’s for Nepal and send it to  241 Blimline Rd., Mohnton, PA 19540.

Team: Tim King, Alex High, Becky High, Emily Weaver, Joseph Queen, John Moore, Scott Douglass.

Link for online giving:

We’ll post updates as we go, if you’re reading this on our blog, they’ll be posted there. If you’re reading this in an e-mail, our blog posts are already being sent to you. You’ll get to follow along already. If you’d like to get e-mail updates, just drop me a note at tim@dramateam.org and I’ll add you to our list.

God Bless!

Catching Up on Colombia!

Colombia Team - Sunday!

Hello Friends,
Our Colombian team hit some technical difficulties, so the pots below were intended for Friday. Read them from that angle. :)

From Phil:
Hello from Colombia. Thanks to Karen Weaver’s generous offer of sending out our updates, Michael and myself have been blessed with one less thing to do this trip. Since a director’s list of responsibilities can get quite long, we are grateful for this. Since we are now about halfway through the trip I thought it would be good to have a director update. I know you know most of the details from Karen’s updates so I will just give a couple of my thoughts.
The team has been doing really well. They have had great attitudes in dealing with what has been a fairly tiring schedule and with dealing with many head colds and some reactions to either water or food. They have also done a great job of persevering through the work projects and mime teaching times with the local team. They have also been eager to jump into things. From my point of view the team seems to be bonding well and the discussion from each Bible study has had depth. This team is solid. I have been so blessed by the maturity and responsibility of the group. Those of you who are parents have a lot of which to be proud. For Hannah and I with two young boys and with Michael and Alisha learning to lead an international trip, this team has been a blessing. This is a great team to take on a trip with these factors.
Michael and Alisha are also doing really well. While Hannah and I are seeking to pass on whatever we can, it is clear that Michael and Alisha are ready for this. They have done a great job of taking leadership and running large parts of this trip. They are learning to work together in leadership and have facilitated opportunities for others to learn and grow.
Thanks for all of your prayers and support. Tomorrow and Sunday will be somewhat out of the ordinary compared to the rest of our trip. Tomorrow we will be doing a “mountain mission” which includes gospel outreach and handing out care packets to some very poor Colombians on the other side of Bogota. Sunday we will be presenting at a local church here in Bogota. Please pray for us with these opportunities. Specifically pray for Michael and Alex as they will both be speaking by way of interpreter to the folks at the “mountain mission.” This is a new opportunity for them and also a great chance to learn. Thanks again for your prayers.


From Karen (written Sunday):
Hello! An apology to all the mothers – the internet was down yesterday, so we were unable to post an update.
Yesterday was an interesting day! We piled into the bus along with the Children’s Vision drama team and headed across the city to do an evangelistic outreach in a very poor part of the city. We set up in an outdoor plaza. Our team performed four mimes, and the CV team also presented four mimes. The event drew a large crowd of onlookers. Richard, the director of CV, shared the gospel and gave an invitation. A number of people responded and prayed to receive the gift of salvation!
After the drama presentation, we handed out 150 care packets to the needy. Some of the girls had packed these bundles the day before. They included warm clothing, hygiene products, and toys. The people were very grateful for the gifts.
We spent the afternoon “playing tourist”. We visited an Indian market where we were able to purchase souvenirs. After an hour of shopping, we piled back onto the bus and drove a series of twisting switchbacks up a steep mountainside. At 11,000 feet, we were rewarded with an incredible view of the city. Yet despite the expansive view, we were told it was only an eighth of the city.
Our bus driver dropped us off at the mall, and we ate supper at the food court. Yum! Burgers and Papa John’s pizza were a delicious treat after a week of chicken and rice! We walked several blocks back to our guest house, finally arriving home at 9:30 after a tiring but fun day.

Return to Colombia!

Colombia Mission 2017

colombia.missionDRAMA Ministry is heading back to partner with our sister teams in Colombia from February 4 through 15, 2017. The teams are in Bogota, Colombia and run as a part of Children’s Vision International Inc. (www.childrensvision.org). CVII takes abandoned, abused, and high-risk infants and small children from the streets to provide twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week care. This includes a home, food, clothing, education, recreation, and full medical attention.

The trip starts on February 4, when we will begin training and we hope to arrive in Colombia and start ministry by February 6. From there our base of operations will be Children’s Vision’s guest house in the city of Bogota. We will be working primarily right in CVII’s homes and school with the children and youth who live there. DRAMA has helped the CVII children to start their own discipleship team in the past which has since grown into two teams. This trip will focus on strengthening and equipping them for further ministry. Along with training and outreach opportunities alongside the local team, our team will also help with work projects around the CVII property.

For this trip to happen our team needs to raise some money and will need a lot of prayer cover. Each member is striving to raise $1,200 toward the travel expenses. Prayer is even more essential than funds in an undertaking of this nature. If you’d like to join us in either or both capacities, we’d be glad to count you as a part of our Colombia team.  Below are two buttons, one for giving online toward our trip and the other is to add your name to our e-mail list for the trip. If you already get regular e-mails from DRAMA, you’re already included. If you’d like to give via snail mail, just send a check made out to DRAMA Ministry to 241 Blimline Rd., Mohnton, PA 19540 and include a note indicating it’s for the Colombia trip and (optionally) which team member you are sponsoring.

Delta LAMS Outreach

Delta LAMS Outreach

Delta had a outreach at L.A.M.S (Lancaster Area Mennonite School).

We got to present to grades from kindergarten through 9th grade.


We did the mime Alive!                                                                           img_5976                                                                                    Team Delta

img_5915                                                                                   Our director and ADs Trent, Rachael and Jaybin did a great job speaking.

Your Brother in Christ,



Hi Delta!

Fall 2016 Session Letter

This is a test e-mail of our e-mail list for team Delta. You can safely disregard this e-mail… unless it’s in your spam box. Then you should probably move it to your inbox. Thank you, that is all.

Rachael says, “Welcome to team Delta!”
So does Selena.
Tim should not have e-mail privileges.

Warm Regards,
Tim, Selena and Rachael.

The Journey

The Journey

Hello friends,

As I type this, we’re sitting in Dublin Airport waiting for our flight back home to Pennsylvania. The last few days have been a blend of outreach and fellowship, service and rest.

The weather on Wednesday was perfect and allowed us a wonderful time presenting on the street in St. Andrews. One of our friends estimated that about 40 people would walk past in the space of one song and about 20 would linger to watch. We presented somewhere around 20 to 22 songs on the street, sharing the message of grace found in Jesus. Later that evening we led a workshop with our friends at St. Margaret’s Church. We had met Eileen Miller on our last trip and this time we came to partner in ministry with her church. The youth and adults that came were enthusiastic and received the most comprehensive training of our trip.  May God bless and nurture the many seeds planted.

Thursday, we took the train to Edinburgh and visited various sites and shops. We enjoyed an amusing time at The Camera Obscura, meal next to John Knox’s house and a wander through St. Giles Cathedral among other things.  After a full schedule for most of the trip, it was great to get some down time as a team.  Friday was similar, hiking with one of DRAMA’s honorary grandpa’s, Sandy Mutch, followed by a final team time and time with the partnered ministers whose churches sponsored our visit. It was a great time reflecting on all that we had seen God do over the past two weeks.

Early this morning we said our final good-bye’s. Shortly we’ll be returned to you all bearing in our hearts more stories than our weary bodies will likely be able to convey and leaving behind a land that is now a second home to many. DRAMA’s 9 year partnership with the churches in the UK has not merely been a cause to be served, but a deep friendship with our brothers and sisters in the family of God. May God bless and strengthen His children near and far. We are thankful to glimpse another part of that beautiful and vast body of Christ.

For Him,

Back to School

Back to School

Hello Friends,

We’ve enjoyed today and yesterday as we returned to Burntisland and Kinghorn Primary Schools. Between this week and last week, somewhere around 500 young people have gotten an introduction to mime and practiced presenting one of our songs with a gospel message. We’ve gotten to know many of them and leave a lot of new little friends to hold up invisible walls and escape from invisible boxes.

Tomorrow we’re returning to St. Andrews with the hope of presenting in the street, if weather allows. In the evening we’ll be partnering with a church in Glenn Roth to give a workshop and presentation to their youth. Then on Thursday we’ll take an off day to Edinburgh to see the city and procure peace offerings for our families back home.

I’ll try to get one more update out before we fly out Saturday morning. Continue to pray for our health, for weather that doesn’t hinder our witness opportunities and for wisdom as we encourage the many new friends we’ve met along the way.

For Him,


Week One

Week One

Hello Friends!
We’ve made it through our first week and what a week it’s been!  We’ve managed to present and teach in three different schools over four different days, give workshops in St. Andrews and Kirkaldy and present for youth gatherings and a Scottish dance. It went by rather fast and I don’t have pictures of it all, but enjoy some below.  Today  (Sunday) we’ll be presenting and participating in remembrance services and taking a lighter, more restful day.

As you pray for us over the next week, we’ll be back in the schools and returning to St. Andrews for some street presentations.  Please pray that our energy would be sustained, that we’d be protected from sickness and share the Gospel with grace and love.

For Him,