Delta LAMS Outreach

Delta had a outreach at L.A.M.S (Lancaster Area Mennonite School).

We got to present to grades from kindergarten through 9th grade.


We did the mime Alive!                                                                           img_5976                                                                                    Team Delta

img_5915                                                                                   Our director and ADs Trent, Rachael and Jaybin did a great job speaking.

Your Brother in Christ,



Hi Delta!

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Rachael says, “Welcome to team Delta!”
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Tim, Selena and Rachael.

The Journey

Hello friends,

As I type this, we’re sitting in Dublin Airport waiting for our flight back home to Pennsylvania. The last few days have been a blend of outreach and fellowship, service and rest.

The weather on Wednesday was perfect and allowed us a wonderful time presenting on the street in St. Andrews. One of our friends estimated that about 40 people would walk past in the space of one song and about 20 would linger to watch. We presented somewhere around 20 to 22 songs on the street, sharing the message of grace found in Jesus. Later that evening we led a workshop with our friends at St. Margaret’s Church. We had met Eileen Miller on our last trip and this time we came to partner in ministry with her church. The youth and adults that came were enthusiastic and received the most comprehensive training of our trip.  May God bless and nurture the many seeds planted.

Thursday, we took the train to Edinburgh and visited various sites and shops. We enjoyed an amusing time at The Camera Obscura, meal next to John Knox’s house and a wander through St. Giles Cathedral among other things.  After a full schedule for most of the trip, it was great to get some down time as a team.  Friday was similar, hiking with one of DRAMA’s honorary grandpa’s, Sandy Mutch, followed by a final team time and time with the partnered ministers whose churches sponsored our visit. It was a great time reflecting on all that we had seen God do over the past two weeks.

Early this morning we said our final good-bye’s. Shortly we’ll be returned to you all bearing in our hearts more stories than our weary bodies will likely be able to convey and leaving behind a land that is now a second home to many. DRAMA’s 9 year partnership with the churches in the UK has not merely been a cause to be served, but a deep friendship with our brothers and sisters in the family of God. May God bless and strengthen His children near and far. We are thankful to glimpse another part of that beautiful and vast body of Christ.

For Him,

Back to School

Hello Friends,

We’ve enjoyed today and yesterday as we returned to Burntisland and Kinghorn Primary Schools. Between this week and last week, somewhere around 500 young people have gotten an introduction to mime and practiced presenting one of our songs with a gospel message. We’ve gotten to know many of them and leave a lot of new little friends to hold up invisible walls and escape from invisible boxes.

Tomorrow we’re returning to St. Andrews with the hope of presenting in the street, if weather allows. In the evening we’ll be partnering with a church in Glenn Roth to give a workshop and presentation to their youth. Then on Thursday we’ll take an off day to Edinburgh to see the city and procure peace offerings for our families back home.

I’ll try to get one more update out before we fly out Saturday morning. Continue to pray for our health, for weather that doesn’t hinder our witness opportunities and for wisdom as we encourage the many new friends we’ve met along the way.

For Him,


Week One

Hello Friends!
We’ve made it through our first week and what a week it’s been!  We’ve managed to present and teach in three different schools over four different days, give workshops in St. Andrews and Kirkaldy and present for youth gatherings and a Scottish dance. It went by rather fast and I don’t have pictures of it all, but enjoy some below.  Today  (Sunday) we’ll be presenting and participating in remembrance services and taking a lighter, more restful day.

As you pray for us over the next week, we’ll be back in the schools and returning to St. Andrews for some street presentations.  Please pray that our energy would be sustained, that we’d be protected from sickness and share the Gospel with grace and love.

For Him,

Sunday through Tuesday

Hello again!

We’ve been busy these past few days. Sunday we managed to be in three different churches, concluding with a joint commissioning service run by the ministers from four different churches (Burntisland and Kinghorn Parish Churches, Erskine Free Church and St. Serif’s Scottish Episcopal Church).  It was a beautiful picture of our unity in the Gospel of Christ as we took communion together as one body engaged in one great commission.

Monday and Tuesday saw the team venture into the Burntisland and Kinghorn primary schools to present in their assemblies and give workshops in the class times.  Approximately 250 or so newly minted mimes have been unleashed on the kingdom of Fife. Additionally,  we were able to partner with New Craigs Evangelical Church to present the message of Jesus with youth from the Kirkaldy area.

Ahead of us, we’ve still got several school presentations approaching. Shortly we’ll be into the secondary schools. Tomorrow  (Wednesday) we’ll be off to St. Andrews to train with the mime team running there.  Then it’s back to New Craigs for another group of youth.

Keep us in your prayers and enjoy the attached photos from the past few days.

For Him,


Scotland Training Days

Hello Friends!
We’ve completed our preparations  (see pictures below ). Now, it’s on to presentations!  Today  (Sunday), we’ve had two presentations in the morning and will have a brief workshop here in a moment. After that, it’s on to a joint commissioning service with our host churches.  Tomorrow, we’re off to the schools.  Keep us in your prayers as we continue to share the love of Christ.

In Him,

Leaving Soon!

Hello Friends,
Tim here; I’ll be posting pretty regularly over the next few weeks as DRAMA returns to serve along side our good friends in Scotland.  Let these posts inspire you to pray for us as we share the good news about Jesus and the life that is in Him.

We will be heading out this coming Wednesday. Between now and then, pray for our final preparations both physical and spiritual. There are logistics and responsibilities that must be covered while we’re away. We also need our hearts to be tender toward the Father and those we will meet during our travels.

Thanks for taking the time to read and pray.

For Him,


Scotland Again!

Hello Friends!

Last TripDRAMA Ministry is taking another team to Scotland… and we’re heading out very soon! Perhaps you’ve heard about the trip already from some of our team, but I wanted to make sure everybody is in the loop as we approach our departure. The need for prayer cover is already upon us and there are still funds to be raised. In whatever capacity, we want to invite your participation in this next venture.

DRAMA has had a fruitful and deep partnership with the churches in Fife, Scotland for several years, leading to the planting of a local team in Burntisland/Kinghorn, another team now meets at St. Andrews among the university students and the seeds for yet another team have been planted in Perth. It’s time for another generation of leadership to step up in the original Burntisland team, so DRAMA is excited to form a mixed US/Scottish team and return this October 25 through November 16. Several exciting street, church and school opportunities await for us to share the message of the Gospel and the hope of discipled youth stepping up to bless the churches and community. We are excited to return.

Whenever the Gospel goes out, opposition rises to meet it. We know that we are not on our own in facing the trials and temptations that come, but rather are a part of the Body of Christ which transcends boundaries and localities. We’d like for you to be a part of our trip. Would you commit to praying for us regularly as we prepare and travel? At the bottom of this post is a signup form to be added to our Scotland e-mails. If you’re reading this post in an e-mail format, you’ll already be included. If you don’t get our e-mails and only want to get updates during the trip, use the form below to be added to our Scotland e-list! Second, there is a button below the post that allows you to donate toward our trip. There are still a lot of funds to be raised, so we could use all the help we can get. At this point we have not reached the half way mark in our fundraising and some member’s ability to go could be affected if we don’t find the funds. If God lays in on your heart to give, we would be thankful. It would be going toward a genuine need and a significant, proven ministry opportunity.Thanks for your support and encouragement!

For Him,
-Timothy King
Director of Ministries
DRAMA Ministry

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Hello Friends,
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