Alpha Outreach at Hope Rescue Mission

On Monday October 12 Alpha had an outreach at Hope Rescue Mission, which is a men’s shelter in Reading. Since we have practices on Monday afternoons we put on our face paint after we practiced and loaded up into two vehicles and traveled there. We were glad to have Tim King come along with us. While we were driving we attempted to eat our packed suppers without messing up our paint.

As we walked through the door we were greeted by several people. The main room where we were going to be presenting, was full. Since we had some time until we were presenting, we decided to do some “stroll miming”, such as playing tug of war, playing baseball, and getting stuck in “boxes”. Then we presented several songs. At the end we were thanked by several people. As we walked out we saw a mural on a building close by, so we had some fun taking pictures there.



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