Delta Announcements 11/1/16

Delta Announcements 11/1/16

-Our next outreach is at Willow Valley Retirements Home this Thursday, November 3. Be there (675 Willow Valley Square, Lancaster 17602) at 5:30pm, and we’ll be finished around 8. Trent will send out an email with exact place we are meeting at there. We aren’t wearing paint. Wear your red shirts and black pants, socks, and shoes. Song List: Awesome God, Propitiation, Thief (one man mime), Healing Begins, Alive, and Forgiven

-On Sunday morning, November 13, we have another outreach at West York Church of the Brethren (5101 Darlington Rd. York, Pa. 17408). We will be presenting at 10:15am, but we’ll be arriving there around 9am.

-We know it works for enough of you so we’re planning to hang out at the Martin’s house in between our outreach and presentation on November 13. Let Trent know if you didn’t yet whether you’ll be there.

-Sunday evening, November 13, is the Friends and Family Presentation at Mohn’s Hill E.C. Invite your friends and family to come hear about DRAMA and see us present. It starts at 7, but you’ll need to be there at 6:30 (not 6, like we originally said). We will be presenting Propitiation. Members wear your grey shirts and black pants, socks, and shoes. Everyone bring one gallon of drink.

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