End of Session Prayer Requests

Hey guys!

It was so weird not seeing you all this week! But I hope you are all enjoying time with your family’s for Christmas. 🙂 Here are the official last prayer requests of the session.

Colombia Team: Unity, fundraising

Rachael: To be diligent in looking into financial aid for MU. – Sarah left for Greece. -Praise! Ben is coming home Christmas Eve!

Tim: Wisdom in coordinating his busy schedule over Christmas. – To be diligent in having his devotions despite the business. – Praise! The douglass sold their house! – They are still looking for a new one.

Connor: Going to KC for IHOP Dec. 26-Jan 2. -Wisdom, unity, and peace for CTK with all that is happening. – Waiting to hear from PHU. – Worked a lot this past week.

Kayla: Grandma isn’t doing well but is coming home from rehab, for clarity as to what to do in the situation. – For peace with all the options for college. – Has been sneezing a lot and doesn’t want to get sick.

Brittany: Neighborhood kid was hit by a car, but seems to be doing okay.

Trent: -Still figuring out things for college in the spring, wants to be diligent with the extra time he’ll have. – His and Rachael’s time of dating without DRAMA.

Jesse: – Praise! Insurance will cover eye surgery and it will be easy. – Needs to continue learning how to drive.

Abby: To continue encouraging people around her. – January through March will be very busy, to not get stressed out.

Hannah: – Looking at her future with college. – Wrapping up high school. – Diligence. – Finances.

Selena: – Exchange student coming for Christmas, for her heart to be open to hearing the Gospel. – Mom and Dad going to Grenada in January. Her and her siblings will be at various places during that time.

Jaybin: To continue investing in friendships even though the session is over. – Devotions.

Caleb: – The younger kids on basketball team look up to him and Adrian. For them to set a good example.

And that’s all for the session! Merry Christmas!

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