Away We Go!

Hello Friends and Family,

We just finished up an awesome weekend of training in preparation for Colombia!  The team put together and practiced seven songs, four of which we are hoping to teach to the mime teams at Children’s Vision.  It was a blessing to have lots of DRAMA faces at the commissioning service at Blue Ball COB this morning- thank you all for your support!  And an extra thank you to the wonderful parents who provided meals for us during the weekend. 🙂  We wrapped up our training with a Bible study in Colossians, which we will continue during our trip.

An update on fundraising: We have received all of the funds we needed, with a little bit extra!  We are praising God for His provision through each of you.  Thank you so much!

Your prayers are appreciated as we travel tomorrow.  We have a two hour drive to Newark, NJ, and a six hour flight to Bogota.  Please pray for safety, and that things will go smoothly as we navigate the airport with our large group. Thank you!

For the Colombia Team,


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