We are here!

We are enjoying a beautiful, sunny day in Bogota!  We arrived late last night after a long day of travel.  Our flight went well, and thankfully, all of our luggage arrived with us.  After landing at the airport and collecting our luggage, we traveled 45 minutes through the city to Bethel House, the guest home where we are staying.  We had a brief wait in a dark courtyard attempting to unlock the door with a broken key.  After being brought a new set of keys, we hauled our suitcases through a narrow hallway and up steep flights of stairs, finally tumbling into bed around 1:00 am.

This morning we ate a breakfast of cold cereal and fruit and walked two blocks to the Genesis House, the home for the babies and toddlers.  We enjoyed a tour of Children’s Vision’s four homes and school before eating our lunch in the sunny courtyard.

This afternoon the group will begin their work projects, which will include fitting children for school uniforms, painting, and tearing out a wooden floor.

We are all well. The youth are understandably tired, but have great attitudes. I haven’t heard a single complaint.

Karen and Alisha, for the Colombia Team

On our way! IMG_3509


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