Hard at Work

We are enjoying another beautiful, sunny day in Bogota. The weather is perfect, a cloudless blue sky and a calm breeze.

Last evening we ate supper with the boys at the Exodus House.  Our team had fun attempting to communicate with the boys.  It was a noisy mixture of Spanish and English!

The plan had been for our youth to do mime training after the meal, but the schedule changed and instead we went back to Bethel, our guest house.  The team had Bible study, while the parents went grocery shopping.

Thankfully, we were able to get to bed early….as everyone was very tired!

This morning our team split up and went several different directions.  One group of guys worked on concreting a bedroom floor that they had ripped out yesterday.  They worked on bunk beds while waiting for their concrete to dry. The rest of the guys climbed scaffolding and began painting the exterior of one of the houses.  The girls helped fit all of the children with clothing and shoes.

We are all healthy and well. Thank you for your prayers!

Eating Breakfast
Eating Breakfast
Washing Dishes at Bethel
Washing dishes at Bethel
Sorting Clothes
Sorting clothing


Alex working on a bunkbed
Alex repairing bunkbeds


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