Colombia – Day 3

Yesterday was a very productive day.  Linford and his crew of painters made great progress on the exterior of the older girls’ home.  Charlie and some of the guys did some concrete work and also repaired bunk beds. Bev and I spent most of the day hemming school uniforms.  Jeanene, the director of Children’s Vision, was very pleased with how much our girls accomplished.  They helped organized donations and fitted the children with new clothing and shoes.

We ate supper at the Leviticus house, the little girl’s house.  The children were so excited to host our group.  An adorable little dark-haired girl prayed for our meal and said, “God bless the missionaries who came to share our food”.  Some of them were so excited they forgot to eat.  It is amazing to see how much communication takes place without a common language.

Our youth spent the evening getting to know the Bogota drama team, teaching them mime techniques and beginning to teach them a song.

Please keep praying.  So far our week has gone well, but several of our team are struggling with stomach issues.

Karen – for the Colombian team

Colombia Day 3
Ready for the Day
Michael hard at work
Teaching mime technique



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