Day 4 – Pancakes and Paint

Yesterday was another warm, sunny day.  We have had amazing weather!  It is very hot in the sun, but as there is no humidity, it is quite pleasant in the shade.

Our youth spent the morning training the Children’s Vision drama team.  The children are so excited and eager to learn!  They completed the song begun the previous evening and finished learning a second one.

Bev, Hannah, and I spent the morning helping the boys from Leviticus House select new clothing. The children receive new clothing once a year, before the start of their school year.  Each boy was allowed to choose four pair of pants and four shirts.  They were very excited!

The youth spent the afternoon in several different buildings.  A group of girls packed away and organized the left-over clothing. The guys and several of the girls continued with the painting project at Numbers House.  Charlie and Alex began building a closet in the school.

We had a special supper.  Our group helped make and serve 500 pancakes for the entire orphanage, approximately 100 children. The pancakes were delicious, especially with raspberry, strawberry, and chocolate sauces and a side of ice cream!  It was a special treat for the kids, and they loved it!

After we ate, our youth spent the evening training the CVII drama team. Due to a misplaced key, they weren’t able to get into the practice room, so they spent 45 minutes playing games and hanging out. Even with the delay, they were still able to get a lot done, and enjoyed getting to know the Colombian team better. Before miming, one of the younger girls said, “I have lots of energy because I had so many pancakes!” Afterwards, she said, “Now I’m tired.”

Thanks for your prayers.  The youth that were not feeling well yesterday are doing great today.

Karen – for Colombia team

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