Beta End of Session Prayer Time

Fall 2016 Session Letter

Michael: Communication with Alisha about work and how to make it less stressful

Emily W: Wisdom in figuring out about riding lessons, volunteering at Green Meadows; Trusting God about future

Brittany: Working at Cherry Crest; Volunteering at Conestoga View; Keystone test results

Kayla: First year at Cherry Crest, a lot to take in, nervous but excited

Maria: Full weekends, not to stress; However, empty weekdays, finding stuff to do and not getting bored

Jesse: Finishing up school year; Planning 12th grade; Finding a job; Contentment for Grandparents at nursing home; decision about cross country versus DRAMA

Selena: Gap year program and fundraising; Summer schedule with family get togethers

Alyssa: Busy summer, that is would be a good time, not too fast

Emily S: Busy summer, joy, not be too tired; exchange student moving in in August; struggling with some spiritual/emotional things, for clarity

Naomi: That her trip to Wisconsin would go well; decisions about college; Decision about joining DRAMA next session

Olivia: Work go well, joy, bless others; deciding about joining DRAMA next session

Erika: Mom doing evaluations; family scheduling this summer; going to camps

Deanna: Not that busy, use time wisely

Sarah: Not busy, safety

Alisha: This weekend is their first camping trip with Bethany, that they would all sleep well; Starting business with making signs

Scott: Working, wisdom and safety

Remember to be praying for the team this summer! :)

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