Another Way to Give

Just a quick update for those of you who have been asking. Yes, you can now give financially to DRAMA’s general and Tim’s missionary accounts online via our website. A button has been added to our home page for giving to DRAMA’s general account and another button has been added to Tim’s support page for give toward my missionary support account. In both cases, we lose a small percent in processing, but are now able to take credit cards and paypal accounts as giving methods. Of course, if you want to see 100% of your gift go toward our ministry,  you can always just send us a check made out to “DRAMA Ministry” for the general account or “Make Believers International” for my personal support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Thanks for your support – whether in gift or in prayer. It means a lot to us.

God Bless,


P.S. for convenience, I’ve also attached the new buttons onto this post.

To give online toward Tim’s personal
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Headed into Philly

Well folks, it might seem like things have been quiet here, but that’s not the case. August is a funny month for DRAMA. It’s right after our busy June/July camp season when our families start to wonder if we’ve all moved away and didn’t let them know. It’s right before we launch into our fall session and resume regular team practices. So two things characterize August – administrative catch-up and response team outreaches.

Admin – we’re planning a trip to Michigan in October as well as pulling together our plans for the fall teams (Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, Sprouts, Redemption Theatre and Project 2). More details on them to come. I’ve also gotten around to fixing and updating more and more things here on the DRAMA website. Added some new links on the home page and got my support info added to the staff page.

Response team outreaches – just because we don’t have a current team together doesn’t mean we’re not getting invites to present the Gospel. August is a favorite time for some churches, so we pull together a mixed team of old and current members on the spot and mobilize for various opportunities. Last week we got to serve at Manheim Brethren in Christ Church and this Saturday we’re headed into Philly (700 block of W. Russell St., Philadelphia, PA) to present the Gospel in a small inner-city playground in partnership with Middle Creek Church of the Brethren.

I appreciate all of you who pray for us. I’d really appreciate prayer for this weekend as many will be introduced to the Gospel through mime.

Thanks and God bless,


Updates and Fixes

Now that I’m home from all of our summer camps, it was time to get to work on the DRAMA website. The Photo and Video pages are working again as well as the chat function and albums in the member’s area. Still haven’t fixed the forums.

Also, for those who haven’t seen it yet, the “Who is DRAMA Ministry” video was added to the videos section… or you can just watch it here:

God Bless!

A Special Week at Arrowhead

This week and the next, DRAMA is serving at Arrowhead Bible Camp. This week we partnered with our sister team in Delaware to come and clean bathrooms, serve food and mop floors for their special needs camp. It’s already been a great week – God is good!

Next week DRAMA will have one team at Arrowhead teaching bible and helping serve as counselors for Arrowhead’s youth day camp. At the same time another DRAMA team will be at Woodcrest Retreat also teaching bible.

Please pray for us and for the ministries of these camps!

Road Trips and Easter Outreaches

I am recently returned from Branson, Mo where our parent ministry AIM Around the World held its annual Leadership Conference. This is always a sweet time of fellowship for our leadership and that of sister teams across the country. This year was no exception. Pray for us and the other leaders as we seek to take what we learned back to our teams. Application is where things always get tricky.

This week we have several outreach opportunities and I would covet your prayers for them. Wednesday (20th) we will be presenting the Easter message for a Release Time group at Gehman’s Mennonite Church, Saturday (23rd) several of our youth with travel to Morrisdale, Pa to help our friends Carlos and Migdalia prepare their facility for ministry and finally Sunday morning (24th) we will join Blue Ball Church of the Brethren for their Easter sunrise service (7:15am) to provide a creative reflection on the journey to Easter morning. In all these things, whether in service or presentation, we desire to see the cross of Christ magnified.

To God be the Glory!


p.s. I had the privilege, again this year, to speak at the AIM Leadership Conference. Here are my two talks for those that couldn’t attend:

Body Life:

(rough quality) The Word and the Spirit:

April showers of outreach…

A new month is upon us and there is much afoot! DRAMA has a handful of outreaches this week and more throughout the month. I’ll try an post again here with pictures so you can see the events as they happen. Be praying for us as we present the Gospel on April 7th (New Holland Release Time) and April 10th (Elizabethtown Church of God). As always, we’ll be making the cross the center and the glory of God the goal.

I’ll post about more April outreaches as we get closer.

Soli Deo Gloria!


p.s. I write music as part of my personal devotions. Here is a recent piece. Perhaps it will encourage you.

free music download from Timothy King

A new site is born

Well folks, our new DRAMA site is up and running. Expect to see more and more features appearing as time passes. Soon we should have reports from our outreaches begin showing up in the “stories” link on the menu to the left. Also, we will be bringing the photo galleries from our old site over in due time. Keep checking back!

I’ll try to make posting here a regular thing as we move forward. This will be just one of the many ways to keep up with all that is going on in DRAMA. Thanks for dropping by.

In Him,


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