Sandy Hill Community Church

Selena Gerlach : November 13, 2017 6:15 pm : Blog

On Sunday, October 29th, Beta had their last outreach at Sandy Hill Community Church. The team presented two mimes during the service and taught some mime technique to the Sunday school kids.





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DRAMA in Nepal

admin : November 9, 2017 7:42 pm : Blog

Hello friends!

I’ve put a few posts up on Facebook, but for the rest of our friends who don’t follow along that way, it seemed like about time for an update. Plus I’ll post more description here.

Our team safely arrived in Dharan, Nepal after quite the long journey and has begun to minister to EC Nepal churches that are gathering for their national conference. It’s certainly an interesting element for us to have our “team” include the heads of the EC Church in Nepal, India, Japan and the US.

Yesterday the conference began and today we’ll possibly begin to do workshops with the youth. The presentations so far have been very well received.

Pray for us, as the group we get to train looks to be over 100 in size, so space confines and keeping the process organized with language barriers will be tricky. But what an opportunity!

Attached are some pictures. God bless!


Heads of the EC Church India, USA, Japan and Nepal.
Heads of the EC Church India, USA, Japan and Nepal.



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LAMS Outreach

Selena Gerlach : November 9, 2017 3:11 pm : Blog

On Wednesday, October 18th, Beta had an outreach at Lititz Area Mennonite School. They presented five mimes to the students and staff.




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Conestoga View Retirement Home

Selena Gerlach : November 9, 2017 2:09 pm : Blog

On Sunday, October 15th, team Beta presented five mimes to the staff and residents of Conestoga View Retirement Home. Later the team gathered at the Sensenig’s house for a team social with delicious pizza provided by the Sensenigs. :)

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DRAMA to Nepal

admin : October 26, 2017 11:00 am : Blog

Nepal Baptism

Hello Friends!

DRAMA has the opportunity to send a few of it’s leadership to Nepal next month from November 4-14. We’ll be partnering with The Evangelical Congregational Church of Nepal to share in their Annual Conference and help launch a Youth Track where we can equip and train youth from the national churches to use mime for evangelism and also encourage them in discipleship. I (Tim) and six of my leaders make up the team. We’ve already been support raising and a majority of the funds have come in, but we’re not quite there yet. If you’d be willing to give toward this effort, it’d make a difference. There is a button below that you can use, or you can simply mail us a check made out to DRAMA Ministry with a note saying it’s for Nepal and send it to  241 Blimline Rd., Mohnton, PA 19540.

Team: Tim King, Alex High, Becky High, Emily Weaver, Joseph Queen, John Moore, Scott Douglass.

Link for online giving:

We’ll post updates as we go, if you’re reading this on our blog, they’ll be posted there. If you’re reading this in an e-mail, our blog posts are already being sent to you. You’ll get to follow along already. If you’d like to get e-mail updates, just drop me a note at and I’ll add you to our list.

God Bless!

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God’s Clear View Ministry

: October 4, 2017 3:51 pm : Blog

On Saturday, September 30th DRAMA’s team Alpha went to God’s Clear View Ministries.  This outreach was an all day work day and God blessed us with a nice day for it.

We meet around 6:30am and headed out.

When we arrived Carlos and Migdalia (the directors of the ministry) took us on a short tour of the building and showed us some recent renovations as well as some rooms that still need a lot of work but have come a long way since they acquired the building.     2 

After the tour we split up into groups to accomplish the work they had for us to do. Three of us were inside changing out summer clothes with winter clothes in the Blessing Shop ( a place where people can get free clothes), washing down the trim, and mopping.

3       18               19                    20

The rest of us were working outside mulching, cleaning up some trash and siding, planting flowers, and filling a hole in the blacktop with gravel.

    59       6  4  7   15   10  14   16

Migdalia made an amazing lunch for us and they also provided breakfast food and drink us.

13   12   11

We had a really great day and were thankful for the opportunity we had to serve Carlos and Migdalia.

To God be the Glory!


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Delta Outreach at Willow Valley Retirement Home

Selena Gerlach : May 17, 2017 6:40 pm : Blog

On Monday evening, May 8, team Delta had our last outreach of the session at Willow Valley Retirement Home. When we all arrived we presented several songs for them and Hannah and Jesse Fellenbaum and Selena Gerlach had the opportunity to speak in between mimes, introducing DRAMA and explaining the mimes.

After our presentation the team really enjoyed hanging out with the residents and talking to them. It was fun to hear about their lives and exciting to have a few opportunities to pray for them. Amazingly, some of them even remembered when we had been there last fall!

After the outreach the team stopped at McDonald’s to discuss how it went, and take the time to thank God for another great outreach!

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Delta Outreach at Christ the King

Selena Gerlach : May 11, 2017 10:58 am : Blog

On April 23rd, team Delta had the opportunity to present at Christ the King Community Church during their Sunday morning service. We presented three mimes: Job, When Love Sees You, and Bells of Peace. Caleb Martin and Jaybin Aument took turns speaking and encouraging them to trust that God is in control despite what is happening around us, and to find peace and unity in Christ.

We were grateful to share the morning with CTK and have the opportunity to worship with them and encourage them in their walk with Christ.


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Alpha Outreach

Kelton Ebersole : May 1, 2017 4:14 pm : Blog

On Sunday April 23, 2017, DRAMA’s Team Alpha had an outreach at  Blue Ball Church of the Brethren.
Alpha served as the morning worship service and presented three songs:  Awesome God, When Love Sees You, and More. In between the songs, our director Joseph Queen and Assistant Director John Moore spoke on Christ’s authority, His forgiveness, and His provision.

It was a wonderful time of worship, and we are grateful to Blue Ball Church of the Brethren for inviting us and to God for giving us the opportunity to bless them.


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Alpha Outreach

Kelton Ebersole : April 12, 2017 3:22 pm : Blog

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Team Alpha had their first outreach of the spring session. The outreach took place at Gehman Mennonite Church. Team Alpha presented six mimes for children participating in Release Time at Adamstown Elementary School.

During the presentation Alpha’s Director, Joseph Queen, spoke and explained how Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for sin and how Christ can change lives.

Overall, the first outreach went well, even though the mime paint didn’t cooperate!

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