Safely In Bogota

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Dear Friends,
DRAMA Ministry is again in Bogota, Colombia. If you are receiving this via e-mail, it is because you subscribed to one of our lists in the past. Some of you supported our last team that came to Colombia, so I have included you in these updates as this trip will hopefully give you a glimpse of all that God has been doing since then. Some of you may be reading this update on our blog – feel free to invite others to follow along at this address:

This trip is different from our others, in that I didn’t take a whole team. It’s just me, Tim, and the ministry team for this trip will be the team that is here in Bogota. I’ve just arrived, so this is just an initial update to let you all know that I got safely to Bogata late last night. I was even welcomed at the airport by two of our local team members, Carlos and Miguel – what a treat!

We’re still charting out the plans for this week, but it will include a fair bit of time in mime training and Bible study with the local team as well as some opportunities to encourage a group of youth that are here from the USA. I’ll keep you updated as I get the chance. Next weekend we’ll be traveling to Cali to work with a church there. Continue to lift me up in prayer, as well as each of the members of our team here: Carlos, Miguel, Andres, Bryan, Estabon, Derli, Xiomara, Bridgith, Sofia and Jennifer. Today is Miguel’s birthday.

God Bless,
director of ministries


‘Light the Night’ Halloween Alternative

: November 11, 2012 9:23 pm : Blog

On October 31, 2012, Alpha had the opportunity to partner with Thunder Outreach at Fairgrounds Square Mall in Reading. ‘Light the Night’ is a safe alternative to Halloween trick-or-treating. DRAMA has been asked in years past by Thunder Outreach to participate in this event through mime, but this year the mall actually asked Thunder Outreach to see if we could come back because they had seen the way we interacted with people.

While we did present three of our mimes, the majority of our time was spent stroll miming- playing sports with imaginary balls, bats, ect., eating food that doesn’t really exist, getting trapped/trapping other people in mime boxes, and things like that. During our time stroll miming, we played several games of duck duck goose with the children there. They enjoyed it almost as much as we did and afterward quite a few of them would stick around and watch us mime and play other things with us.

~Becky and Brooke~

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Team Alpha, October 13, 2012

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Now is the time to be a missionary for Christ.

October 13 2012, at Boyertown E.C.  was a very stretching but convicting outreach. One of the members (Jeremy) was not able to come because he was sick with a fever. Once again this taught us flexibility and team unity. After arriving, we partnered with GMC (Global Missions Commission) focusing on being a missionary right where you are. DRAMA worked with mainly the teens, and heard from several missionaries to different places around the world. Splitting into different groups with the teens, we came up with ideas of things we could possibly do for ministry here and now. Afterwards we presented for the congregation and it was very touching to us when a lady started to cry. We all enjoyed getting to know the teens and missionaries and eating lunch with them. We focused a lot on how you can be young and still be involved in ministry. It was definitely an outreach that made us all think about our lives here and now.

~Becky and Brooke~ =)

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Team Alpha October 7, 2012

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For Alpha’s first outreach of the session, we were partnering with Mohn’s Hill E. C. Church at a park. One of the main things we learned at this outreach was flexibility as it was cold and rainy, we had a metal pole in the middle of our stage, and we had complications with our face paint. We presented two mimes and everyone seemed to enjoy it. One lady came up to us afterward and told us that the mimes made her cry and were very powerful. Some things that made people smile were our running around with face paint on afterward and one of our members (Chris) tying balloons to his beard. Over all, it was a really good outreach and we had fun and learned a lot.

~Becky and Brooke~

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Rock the Light

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Today DRAMA is returning to Rock the Light Music Fest at Bowers Park. We’ll be on stage @ 4. Before and after we’ll be interacting with folks at the park. Pray for us!

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Alpha and Beta training camp

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Greetings! It’s the final day of Training Camp and things have gone considerably well. Training camps are always a good bonding time for the teams because of all the time spent learning to work together in unity. Alpha and Beta have been putting positive effort into learning and practicing mimes. Parents, expect kids home with sore muscles! ;P They’ve been fantastic. The schedule has been busy, yet plenty of joyous jokes and healthy laughs have been made. Bible session times have included teachings on our theme verse, Hebrews 12:1-2 (and looking at the context around it), what does it really look like to love?, and 1 Timothy 4:12. So, lots of good Biblical learning happening. :) Thank you to all who have been thinking or praying for the teams over this camp! We hope to finish to the day with a great lead into the start of another great session!
-Janessa on behalf of JB on behalf of Tim. ;P
Now for some pics:







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Alpha/Beta Training Camp

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Hello Friends,

Another session is starting up! Be praying for our teams Alpha and Beta as they have there fall training camp this Monday through Tuesday (Sept. 10-12). We’ll be practicing our mime techniques and routines, studying scripture together and welcome new members and new leaders. It will be a full three days so pray for lots of energy, good attitudes and a sensitivity to God’s Spirit. As in everything, we want this event to be Glorifying to our Heavenly Father.

Thanks & God Bless,


This Session’s Studies:

1st Corinthians

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Book of Amos – This Weekend!

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Friday 7pm, Saturday 7pm, Sunday 3pm at Faith E. C. Church in Lancaster.

Come on out for Redemption Theatre’s newest production: The Book of Amos. This is a word-for-word rendering of the prophet Amos from the ESV version of the Bible. It an intense, dynamic presentation of God’s passion for His people and a sober warning that none can escape the judgement of God – not even those called by His name. All must face their Creator, a holy terror or unshakable hope depending on where you stand in relationship to His justice.

Some aspects of this production may be too intense for young audiences. We recommend discretion to parents of children under 13. You can read through Amos yourself to get an idea of the subject matter and degree to which violence is described.

See you there!


May 18 – 7pm

May 19 – 7pm

May 20 – 3pm

All at Faith E. C. Church in Lancaster.

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DRAMA’s Annual Support Banquet!

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Hello Friends,

Just a quick note to let you know you can begin to RSVP for DRAMA’s banquet in May. Click on the image below to see a page with all the details and even a form for reserving your spot. We’ll have more details up in the weeks to come about sponsoring tables and other ways you can help make this event a success. Feel free to invite friends and relatives who may be interested in getting behind DRAMA Ministry as we continue to disciple youth to make disciples!

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Training Camp – Alpha & Beta

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Back at camp and rocking what we do.
Hello Friends,
Just a quick note letting you know that DRAMA’s spring session is underway. Today through Wednesday, teams Alpha and Beta are having their training camp. Please be in prayer for new leaders who are getting fresh experience, for the Gospel mime routines that are being put together and for me as I will be bringing messages tonight and tomorrow afternoon. We hope to see these next few days lay foundations of unity and trust for the teams as they gear up for the session. Much is going on and much is still ahead. Thanks for your support!

In Him,

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