Joshua’s Hands Outreach

trentm : October 10, 2016 11:53 am : Blog

Delta had a outreach at the Joshua Hands Festival down in Virginia on Saturday. Due to the rain we had to share one of the barns with “Kingdom Kidz”. We had a blast with them, because some of us got to help them with their presentation! The mimes that we did were- Awesome God, Propitiation, Healing Begins, Watch the Lamb, Savior, Alive.


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DRAMA Fall Session 2016!

trentm : June 17, 2016 8:50 pm : Blog


Here is the information needed for participation in this Fall’s DRAMA teams. Applications for them can be printed off the DRAMA website under the documents page or filled out online (p:// Helper applications are also available on the website ( In any case, all applications must be received by August 8th in order to be accepted into the Fall session. Please send your applications to Bev Weaver (438 Staver Rd, Reinholds Pa 17569) along with your $40 session fee. If this creates financial difficulty, please contact Tim as there are scholarships available. An alternate, older-youth application is available online. This application is for members whose parents deem them mature enough for a deeper challenge.

This coming Fall session there may be enough members for Beta to split to create a third team, in addition to Alpha and Beta. We will confirm to you whether or not this is happening by August 13th.  On the back, we have listed the pre-booked outreaches for this session.  The first scenario is if we only have two teams, and the second scenario for if there are three teams. Each team’s outreaches will be confirmed by August 13th. If we have a third team, practice times and locations will be the same as Beta.

Parents Meetings and meals: in order for a youth to participate in this session, regardless of how long they have been on a team, at least one parent must attend one of the parent meetings listed below or make special arrangements with Tim (717-951-2518). Please bring your calendars for scheduling purposes. There will also be a sign-up for training camp meals. Parents of new members do not need to attend these meetings, but are welcome and may find them helpful. Fall parent meeting dates are:

  • Saturday, July 30th 9-11am at Karen Weaver’s house (610 Owl Hill Rd, Lititz Pa 17543)
  • Saturday, August 6th 9-11am at Bev Weaver’s House (438 Staver Rd, Reinholds Pa 17569)

Training Camp will be held at the Conestoga Church of the Brethren: Monday, August 22nd @ 8:00am, through Wednesday, August 24th @ 8:00pm (141 E Main St, Leola, PA 17540).

Session Duration: Training Camp through Tuesday, December 13th. See back of letter for pre-booked outreaches.

Team practice days and locations. Both teams will be meeting in the evening this coming session.

  • Alpha: Mondays, 6:30-9:00pm @ Terre Hill (Terre Hill BFC.: 407 W. Main St., Terre Hill Pa 17581)
  • Beta: Tuesdays, 6:30-9:00pm @ Lancaster (Faith Church: 2124 Old Philadelphia Pk, Lancaster Pa, 17602)
  • **If we have a third team, practice times and locations will be the same as Beta.

As this is the Fall session, there will be two Bible study workshops at Otterbein United Methodist Church (20 East Clay Street, Lancaster Pa). Every current member is required to attend one of them.

  • Basic Bible Study Workshop, Saturday, September 10th, 9am – 2pm.
  • Basic Bible Study Workshop Saturday, September 24th, 9am – 2pm.

Also, with the start of a new school year, Release and Liability forms need to be re-done. These can be found on our website under the Documents page (  Please have these notarized and sent to Bev Weaver with your payment and application (if you are doing one in paper form) by August 8th.

Other opportunities:

Sprouts: DRAMA is planning on having one Sprouts team (youth ages 8 to 12) this fall. This session will be from September 14th to December 7th, with two weeks off. Sprouts will meet on Wednesdays from 2-4pm in the Brownstown area (exact location TBA). Sprouts has one pre-booked outreach for the evening of November 30th at Hope Rescue Mission in Reading.

Needed: Ipods of any kind, new or used, that are 6GB or more. We are reaching a season of having multiple directors, and to remain flexible as a ministry we would like to supply each director with an Ipod for ministry use. If you feel led to donate in this way, please contact Tim King.

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Beta’s Outreach at Otterbein United Methodist Church

: May 16, 2016 10:15 pm : Blog

Beta had an outreach at Otterbein united Methodist church on Thursday, May 5th. we presented three songs for their Kid’s group. Before we presented we got to play some games, and talk with the kids. Then we sang a few songs, and presented our mimes. after that, we got to eat a delicious meal with the kids. It was neat to see them engaged and understanding the Gospel. Overall, it was a very good outreach! Otterbein outreach and Workday 015 Otterbein outreach and Workday 043 Otterbein outreach and Workday 078

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The Journey

admin : November 14, 2015 6:07 am : Blog

Hello friends,

As I type this, we’re sitting in Dublin Airport waiting for our flight back home to Pennsylvania. The last few days have been a blend of outreach and fellowship, service and rest.

The weather on Wednesday was perfect and allowed us a wonderful time presenting on the street in St. Andrews. One of our friends estimated that about 40 people would walk past in the space of one song and about 20 would linger to watch. We presented somewhere around 20 to 22 songs on the street, sharing the message of grace found in Jesus. Later that evening we led a workshop with our friends at St. Margaret’s Church. We had met Eileen Miller on our last trip and this time we came to partner in ministry with her church. The youth and adults that came were enthusiastic and received the most comprehensive training of our trip.  May God bless and nurture the many seeds planted.

Thursday, we took the train to Edinburgh and visited various sites and shops. We enjoyed an amusing time at The Camera Obscura, meal next to John Knox’s house and a wander through St. Giles Cathedral among other things.  After a full schedule for most of the trip, it was great to get some down time as a team.  Friday was similar, hiking with one of DRAMA’s honorary grandpa’s, Sandy Mutch, followed by a final team time and time with the partnered ministers whose churches sponsored our visit. It was a great time reflecting on all that we had seen God do over the past two weeks.

Early this morning we said our final good-bye’s. Shortly we’ll be returned to you all bearing in our hearts more stories than our weary bodies will likely be able to convey and leaving behind a land that is now a second home to many. DRAMA’s 9 year partnership with the churches in the UK has not merely been a cause to be served, but a deep friendship with our brothers and sisters in the family of God. May God bless and strengthen His children near and far. We are thankful to glimpse another part of that beautiful and vast body of Christ.

For Him,

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Alpha Outreach at God’s Clear View Ministry

: November 10, 2015 5:28 pm : Blog

On Saturday October 17th, Alpha had an service day outreach a God’s Clear View Ministry, or for those who know them better as Carlos and Migdalia. :) We were able to have Joseph Queen join us for the day.

We met early in the morning while it was dark and cold outside and came home late that same day, when it was dark and cold outside also… When we arrived, Migdalia had lots of food to snack on before we started working.  It was a very chilly day over all, we even got to experience some snow while we were there …. yes, snow!

Our first job of the day was to move a LARGE pile of fire wood inside. We made an assembly line and started pilling the wood higher and deeper along one of the hallways inside. That ended up taking us most of the morning. We then took a break for a delicious lunch, thanks to Migdalia again. :) After lunch we split into a few groups. One group was the wood burning crew, who worked away at cleaning up scrap wood pieces and then attempted to fit them into barrels to burn. Another group worked in the Blessing Shop, they organized the cloths and swapped out the summer clothes for winter clothes. And the last group worked on cleaning up the garden, they pulled out weeds and covered the garden with straw to winterize it.




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Back to School

admin : November 10, 2015 4:45 pm : Blog

Hello Friends,

We’ve enjoyed today and yesterday as we returned to Burntisland and Kinghorn Primary Schools. Between this week and last week, somewhere around 500 young people have gotten an introduction to mime and practiced presenting one of our songs with a gospel message. We’ve gotten to know many of them and leave a lot of new little friends to hold up invisible walls and escape from invisible boxes.

Tomorrow we’re returning to St. Andrews with the hope of presenting in the street, if weather allows. In the evening we’ll be partnering with a church in Glenn Roth to give a workshop and presentation to their youth. Then on Thursday we’ll take an off day to Edinburgh to see the city and procure peace offerings for our families back home.

I’ll try to get one more update out before we fly out Saturday morning. Continue to pray for our health, for weather that doesn’t hinder our witness opportunities and for wisdom as we encourage the many new friends we’ve met along the way.

For Him,


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Alpha Outreach at Hope Rescue Mission

: November 10, 2015 4:10 pm : Blog

On Monday October 12 Alpha had an outreach at Hope Rescue Mission, which is a men’s shelter in Reading. Since we have practices on Monday afternoons we put on our face paint after we practiced and loaded up into two vehicles and traveled there. We were glad to have Tim King come along with us. While we were driving we attempted to eat our packed suppers without messing up our paint.

As we walked through the door we were greeted by several people. The main room where we were going to be presenting, was full. Since we had some time until we were presenting, we decided to do some “stroll miming”, such as playing tug of war, playing baseball, and getting stuck in “boxes”. Then we presented several songs. At the end we were thanked by several people. As we walked out we saw a mural on a building close by, so we had some fun taking pictures there.



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Week One

admin : November 8, 2015 5:17 am : Blog

Hello Friends!
We’ve made it through our first week and what a week it’s been!  We’ve managed to present and teach in three different schools over four different days, give workshops in St. Andrews and Kirkaldy and present for youth gatherings and a Scottish dance. It went by rather fast and I don’t have pictures of it all, but enjoy some below.  Today  (Sunday) we’ll be presenting and participating in remembrance services and taking a lighter, more restful day.

As you pray for us over the next week, we’ll be back in the schools and returning to St. Andrews for some street presentations.  Please pray that our energy would be sustained, that we’d be protected from sickness and share the Gospel with grace and love.

For Him,

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Sunday through Tuesday

admin : November 3, 2015 6:29 pm : Blog

Hello again!

We’ve been busy these past few days. Sunday we managed to be in three different churches, concluding with a joint commissioning service run by the ministers from four different churches (Burntisland and Kinghorn Parish Churches, Erskine Free Church and St. Serif’s Scottish Episcopal Church).  It was a beautiful picture of our unity in the Gospel of Christ as we took communion together as one body engaged in one great commission.

Monday and Tuesday saw the team venture into the Burntisland and Kinghorn primary schools to present in their assemblies and give workshops in the class times.  Approximately 250 or so newly minted mimes have been unleashed on the kingdom of Fife. Additionally,  we were able to partner with New Craigs Evangelical Church to present the message of Jesus with youth from the Kirkaldy area.

Ahead of us, we’ve still got several school presentations approaching. Shortly we’ll be into the secondary schools. Tomorrow  (Wednesday) we’ll be off to St. Andrews to train with the mime team running there.  Then it’s back to New Craigs for another group of youth.

Keep us in your prayers and enjoy the attached photos from the past few days.

For Him,


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Scotland Training Days

admin : November 1, 2015 10:43 am : Blog

Hello Friends!
We’ve completed our preparations  (see pictures below ). Now, it’s on to presentations!  Today  (Sunday), we’ve had two presentations in the morning and will have a brief workshop here in a moment. After that, it’s on to a joint commissioning service with our host churches.  Tomorrow, we’re off to the schools.  Keep us in your prayers as we continue to share the love of Christ.

In Him,

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