A few of Beta’s outreaches (Fall 2019)

On September 28th, team Beta had an all-day outreach/workday at God’s Clear View Ministries. We were split into three groups.  One group sorted holiday decorations, one sorted clothes in the Blessing shop, and one worked on clearing all the stuff that was piled on the stage.  When we arrived, we were surprised to see some new and exciting changes.  The new staff had expanded the food pantry, as well as making it accessible online.  Other changes included renovations to the kitchen to accommodate a soup kitchen, the wall between the two parts of the Blessing shop torn down, and all the boxes from the basement removed and taken upstairs (and put on the stage).  It was amazing to see all the new changes taking place and the way God is continuing to use the ministry.

On October 5th, Beta had an all-day outreach at a fall festival for Joshua’s Hands ministry in Virginia.  When we arrived, the leaders realized we were really low on face paint.  So, we didn’t have to put on mime paint.  Yeah!  No scraping your face to take the paint off, plus no paint in your hair or eyebrows.  We gave two different presentations.  We stroll mimed for a little bit in between the presentations.  After our last performance, we helped run games.  Since we weren’t wearing paint, it was nice being able to talk to the kids and give instructions for the games.  The outreach might not have gone as planned, but the gospel was still shared, so it was a success.

On October 16th, Beta had a morning outreach at Lititz Area Mennonite School.  We presented for their morning chapel time. We wore mime paint.  It was two of the members first time wearing mime paint, which they were thrilled about.  Tim King came and spoke for the outreach. We enjoyed being able to come back and present for the kids again.

Alpha Outreach 3/28/19

On March 28th, 2019, at 5:30 pm, DRAMA Ministry had an outreach at Red Run Mennonite Church. Someone told us they has never seen the kind of miming we did before, using hand motions and very big facial expressions. We presented the following six mimes: God is God, Healing Begins, Good Company, Be Kind to Yourself, and Alpha’s new mime, Who you are. After we finished miming, we had the opportunity to play games with the people. They said they would love to have us again in the future.

Alpha outreach 3/17/19

March 17th team Alpha had an outreach at Red Run Mennonite Church. We had the pleasure of presenting six times along with wearing face paint. Directors Alex and Joseph also spoke explaining the gospel and what it is to us. After the outreach Red Run Mennonite Church invited the team to stay for lunch and fellowship.

Conestoga View Nursing Home

Last Sunday, March 17, 2019, Beta had an outreach at Conestoga View Nursing Home to share the gospel and encourage the residents. When we got there, we helped bring the residents to the room where we presented. Then to open up we sang several songs. After Tony spoke briefly, our team presented six mimes, with great reactions from the audience: Awesome God, The Fall (our new one!), Love is a Cross, Alive, God is God, and Be Kind to Yourself. To conclude, Gabrielle explained these songs and led the group in prayer. Afterward some of us went to Emily S.’s house to hang out and debrief the outreach. We were really thankful for the opportunity to brighten the residents’ day!

Final Stretch

Hello friends,

WiFi is working again,so I’ll celebrate with more pictures!

We’re back into our regular routine of service work by day and training the local team by night. Tomorrow well do a joint presentation with them for Valentine’s Day.

There’s lots we hope to finish up before we fly home on Friday. Pray for strength to finish well!

God bless!


Tired but Happy

Hello Friends!

Sorry the updates are coming slow. The wifi is out here at Children’s Vision so I’m doing this on low speed data over a cell phone. That and we’ve run a crazy schedule!

Cement day went great and finished ahead of schedule. The rest of the team has pounded through a ton of work in the CVII warehouse sorting ministry resources as well as helping get the kids fitted with new clothes and uniforms. I (Tim) have been busy on the construction site and didn’t get pics of the others.

Today (Saturday) we’re on break, did some site seeing and generally just resting up. Tomorrow we’ll take the kids to church and out for a special meal. Then it’s back to the crazy schedule of service work in the day and team training in the evening. Things are going really well!

By grace,


In Colombia and Running

Hello friends!

The DRAMA Colombia team arrived safely in Bogota Monday afternoon. Since then we’ve been busy helping Children’s Vision with everything to uniforms and new clothes to (the older ones on the team) helping on the construction site of CVII’s newest building. We also get to train the local team every afternoon and evening. They impressed us with how well they were already doing, so we’re trying to push them further than we’ve ever taken them before!

Pray for us as our schedule is super full with lots of training and work. Everyone is doing well,but we’d still appreciate prayer for strength and endurance. Also, Friday will be a cement pouring day for those on the construction site and we anticipate that to be a lot of work and it has to be completed in one day! Pray for that!

God bless!


Support DRAMA Going to Colombia!

Colombia 2019Hello Friends!
DRAMA is heading back to Bogota, Colombia again and our team is raising support!

DRAMA Ministry (www.dramateam.org) is a local Christian youth discipleship ministry that uses mime to present the Gospel. This winter from February 2 through 15, 2019, we are leading a team to Bogota, Colombia to partner with Children’s Vision International Inc. (www.childrensvision.org). CVII takes abandoned, abused, and high-risk infants and small children from the street to provide twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week care. This includes a home, food, clothing, education, recreation, and full medical attention.

The trip starts on February 2, when we will begin training and we hope to arrive in Colombia and start ministry by February 4. From there our base of operations will be Children’s Vision’s guest house in the city of Bogota. We will be working primarily right in CVII’s homes and school with the children and youth who live there. DRAMA has helped the CVII children to start their own discipleship team in the past which has since grown done mission work of its own. This trip will focus on strengthening and equipping them for ministry further ministry and training new members that are ready join. Along with training and outreach opportunities alongside the local team, our team will also help with work projects around the CVII property including construction projects underway to expand their ministry capacity.

For this trip to happen our team needs to raise some money and will need a lot of prayer cover. Each member is striving to raise $1,300 toward their travel expenses. Any extra one raises will help ensure the whole team reaches its goal. There is information for giving at the bottom of this letter.

Prayer is even more essential than funds in an undertaking of this nature. We covet prayers for our team the work being done throughout the trip. There will be so many opportunities for the Gospel to go out or for things to go wrong that we know it is absolutely vital that the heart and hand of God be sought on our behalf. So this e-mail/blog post is meant to invite you to partner with us in finance and in prayer for the Colombia 2019 Trip. If you’re reading this in an e-mail form sent from DRAMA, then you are already setup to get updates while we travel – please use them as reminders to pray. If you want to be added to our list – just e-mail tim@dramateam.org and we’ll get you setup.

If you would like to support the team financially you can send a check written out to DRAMA Ministry to the address below. Please include a note mentioning which team member you intended to support:
DRAMA Ministry, 241 Blimline Rd. Mohnton Pa. 19540

You can also donate online by clicking on any of the images below:

(If the images aren’t displaying, click here)

God’s Clearview ministries

On September 28th, team Alpha was able to partner with Carlos and Migdalia, the directors/ founders of God’s Clearview ministries.

For this outreach we were able to use a different set of skills, and bless Carlos and Migdalia by helping them with various work projects around their home and the home of their ministry.  The three of the biggest projects we did were:

•Carrying and stacking firewood inside for the winter.


•Harvesting the remaining produce from the garden. As well as clearing it and preparing it to be planted over with grass.


• Switching out some of the summer clothes with winter clothes in the blessing shop (a place where family that are struggling financially can find free clothes).


We aslo did a few other random jobs here and there.

We are thankful for the opportunity this outreach gave us to grow closer as a team through working together, conversations, and laughs. And we pray that God will receive the glory for what was accomplished.

Through Christ,

Alexis Weaver

Friends & Family Presentation

Dear Friends & Families of DRAMA,

Come and see how God is working in DRAMA Ministry!  Our annual Friends & Family Presentation will be held at Blue Ball Church of the Brethren (1005 E Main St, Blue Ball, PA 17506) on Thursday, November 8th at 7:00 pm.  You will see each of the teams present several mimes as well as hear members share testimonies of what they have been learning this session.  There will be a time of refreshments and fellowship after the presentation.

We would love to see you there!